Pose and Broadway star Billy Porter is joining another part of Ryan Murphy’s television empire, American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

Porter, who plays the extroverted and moving emcee Pray Tell on the show, released the news on Instagram with an amazing post about how his struggle in Hollywood is finally bearing fruit.

“In September of 2002, I left Los Angeles vowing never to return until I was working on someone’s studio lot. I spent three years out here, as a black gay man trying to get work, and nobody was coming for me,” he wrote. “Everybody told me I was worthless and useless, and I would never work as a gay boy. I knew there was something better for me. I knew that I would be able to change the world if I stayed in it. But I made that vow to myself. And, child, I got off the plane and came to the 20th Century Fox lot to be on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story. All I can say is dreams come true. They may not come when you want them, but it’s always right on time.”

He finished his post with an uplifting message: “Keep on fighting, keep on showing up for your life. Keep on pushing. I’m a living witness that dreams come true. You change the world when you change your mind, and we all can make a difference in this world.”

The first season of Pose is now streaming online on FX.