Kanan and Famous are talking about eating turkey just like the rest of us this holiday season. But in their case, the conversation leads to something far removed from the dinner table in this exclusive clip from Power Book III: Raising Kanan‘s Season 3 premiere.

In the clip, Kanan (Mekai Curtis) is reminding Famous (Antonio Ortiz) that he was the one who ate all of their turkey while he was high. But because he was “smoked out” as Kanan said, Famous doesn’t remember. However, this lighthearted moment quickly ends as Kanan’s mom Raquel (Patina Miller) and Howard (Omar Epps) knock on the door.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan has gotten increasingly more intense as the seasons have gone on, with Kanan learning more about his mother and her dealings in the criminal underworld. According to the official description:

Over the last two seasons of “Raising Kanan,” Kanan Stark has slowly learned the truth about not only his mother, discovering more about himself in the process. It has been a tortuous journey for him and everyone around him. With each new revelation, Kanan has been forced to confront his family’s seemingly never-ending web of secrets and lies. He has spent much of this time in a state of denial, but now, Kanan’s blinders are finally off, and he doesn’t like what he sees. In season three, Kanan finds himself grappling with the very notions of right and wrong. Good and evil. Fidelity and disloyalty. And he’s not alone. Every member of the Thomas family must confront an existential crisis that challenges their very identity. Whether it’s Marvin, who’s still trying to redeem himself, or Raq, who’s finally coming clean, or Lou, who’s wrestling with his own evil, or Jukebox, who’s simply trying to break free from her family’s pathology, they are all attempting to redefine and reinvent themselves. They won’t all be able to complete this intensely personal quest, but for those who do, the destination may reveal the most terrifying secret of all. There is no right and wrong or good and evil. There are no absolutes. In the end, there’s just you.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan comes back to STARZ Dec. 1.

Watch the preview below: