OWN is set to air Revisiting Underground, an Undeground behind-the-scenes special from Sony Pictures Television.

It will immediately follow the Jan. 5 OWN network premiere OWN of the critically acclaimed historical drama. It was recently announced that OWN acquired the first two seasons of the drama (which aired initially on WGN America) from Sony Pictures Television.

The show will have” a revitalized presentation on OWN, with newly filmed episodic introductions by cast members, never-before-seen behind the scenes footage and more”  The premiere episode has been expanded to 90 minutes and the  “Revisiting Underground” special will debut at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

The series starred Aldis Hodge, Jurnee Smollett, Christopher Meloni, Alano Miller, Jessica De Gouw, Marc Blucas, Amirah Vann, Adina Porter, Mykelti Williamson, Johnny Raay Gill, DeWanda Wise, Chris Chalk and Maceo Smedley.

The description: Grounded in this moment of cultural shift, “Revisiting Underground” reminds us of the importance of taking history off of the shelves and bringing it into our daily lives. Executive Producers John Legend, Misha Green and Joe Pokaski, along with the cast and crew, share personal stories, reflect on their time working on the show, and discuss the power of activism and the relevance of the show today. We’ll look at the research everyone did to prepare for their roles, hear their personal stories of challenges and triumphs from their time working on these intense stories, and explore the music of the show. Finally, we’ll share how the cast honors the heroes of the Underground with the activism in their daily lives.

In the Underground, “a restless slave named Noah organizes a small team of fellow slaves on the Macon plantation outside Atlanta, and puts together a plan to run for their lives — 600 dangerous miles North — to freedom. The odds of success are slim; the path to freedom’s terrain is unforgiving, and Tom, their politically ambitious owner will surely kill anyone attempting to run.  For those who make it off the plantation, the risks and uncertainties multiply.  They leave family behind to pay for their sins, as they face danger and death at every turn.   They’re aided along the way by an abolitionist couple in Ohio, new to running a station on the Underground, unprepared for the havoc it will wreak with their personal lives, while they evade a ruthless slave catcher hell-bent on bringing them back, dead or alive.”

Underground was named Best TV Show of the year by the African American Film Critics Association, received four NAACP Image Award nominations and was nominated as Outstanding New Program by the Television Critics Association.