It’s official: Kenya Moore isn’t returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The former beauty queen has been a staple on the show since Season 5, taking just a one-season hiatus in Season 11 before returning in Season 12. Midway through the current Season 16 production, Moore was suspended indefinitely as Bravo launched an investigation after it was alleged that the long-term peach holder displayed controversial images of cast newcomer, Brittany Eady, to attendees of her hair salon launch. She’s denied such, while Eady has posted messages on social media about revenge porn.   

Moore has reportedly been upset about storyline leaks. While the exact reason for her beef with Eady is unknown, an audio of her calling Eady an escort during an argument between the two women surfaced online. 

Both Deadline and ET Online have put out reports detailing what they are hearing about Moore’s exit and how everything went down.

Two weeks into the suspension, news broke that Moore’s peach was in jeopardy. She reportedly retaliated against Eady after she was allegedly threatened by mention of a gun, which Eady denies. Still, sources say that claim no such threat was made. 

On June 25, news broke that Moore was not returning, and it was a mutual decision between her and the network. She’s said to be upset with the manner in which the ordeal has been handled. Initially, TMZ claimed the network is open to having her return in the future, but not for the forthcoming season. It’s unclear how she’ll be edited and if she’ll be featured in Season 16 at all as production can always edit her out. However, both Deadline and ET Online reported that Moore’s potential return isn’t being discussed at all.

Moore has released a statement about her exit on Instagram. Sharing images of her with her daughter on a tropical vacation, she spoke about being at peace and denying any revenge porn. She’s also said to be considering a lawsuit.

Read her full statement below:

“Thank you for all the support #teamtwirl. My heart is full and my conscience is clear. So many false claims hiding behind anonymous sources. All this conversation and no facts being reported. If a claim or source was valid, would they need to hide? My life is blessed. My daughter and I will continue to thrive in a non toxic environment where we feel appreciated and most importantly, protected. Thank you God for covering us. 🙏🏾***The rumors and narrative about me randomly showing nudes or revenge p is 1000% untrue. I have proof and will share soon.”