Claudia Jordan doesn’t think The Real Housewives of Atlanta is as sustainable without Kenya Moore.

Moore infamously exited the series recently amid a suspension as the network reportedly launched an investigation for allegations surrounding images she reportedly revealed of  Season 16 newcomer Brittany Eady after Eady allegedly threatened her with a gun. Both sides deny such.

What is clear is Moore isn’t returning and producers are said to be having former peach holder-turned-friend of the show, Cynthia Bailey, film more. They’re also rumored to be eyeing Phaedra Parks’ return. 

Jordan starred on the show alongside Moore in Season 7 and says her exit is unfortunate.

“Is it even worth watching if she’s not going to be on it? I think she’s a big part of that success and I hope it’s only a temporary thing, if that’s what she wants,” she said, as TMZ reported. “I don’t know the details of everything but she’s never been a liar though. A lot of times Kenya will say something and people will accuse her of being messy only to find out years later that she was telling the truth. I’ve kinda been in that same situation myself on that show.”

With Porsha WIlliams’ return, Jordan says she was happy about the former enemies forming an alliance.

“I think the fans want to see Kenya and the fact that Porsha and Kenya are in a good place now, I think it would be an epic season,” she said. “Everything that has come out has had everyone like ‘wait, what? I’m gonna watch this season’ and now, we’ll see.”

Whatever happens, she says Moore will be OK.

“Sometimes decisions like this have to be made for us because otherwise we wouldn’t leave on our own. I do believe in signs and maybe there’s some big, huge opportunity right around the corner for her that she doesn’t even know about,” she said.