Monique Samuels is not hiding from the scrutiny following her drag out fight with Candiace Dillard Bassett. Her co-stars have taken sides in the altercation, with Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, and Wendy Osefo blaming Samuels for losing control. Ashley Darby and Karen Huger are remaining neutral.

But Samuels insists she’s taking the situation seriously. During Sunday night’s episode, she promised the group that she was on a spiritual journey of finding out her triggers and how to handle confrontation without becoming physical in the future. Despite such, a few of her co-stars are still not convinced.

Bryant told Samuels blatantly that her behavior was not surprising. In fact, she says Samuels fighting is only Samuels acting out on threats she’s allegedly made toward her co-stars in the past. Osefo and Dixon share similar sentiments with Bryant. They don’t believe Samuels is remorseful for her role in the altercation. 

In a new interview Us Weekly, Samuels says her castmates used her fight with Dillard Bassett as motivation to try and have her fired from the show.

“They met off-camera and had a little meeting and I think that it was very strategic, what they decided to do,” Samuels says. “They looked at this as an opportunity to possibly get me off the show. They thought they had that type of power to get me fired. So that was very strategic.”

Samuels is also doubling down on not feeling remorseful. Though she says she wishes she handled things differently, she believes Dillard Bassett is an agitator. Furthermore, she says Dillard Bassett is using the fight to her advantage and is enjoying basking in being the “victim” in the situation.

“Her and her attorney have literally gone on media campaigns with this whole incident. She’s called me out of my name. She has said that I’m mentally unstable. She has said that I’m unfit to be a mother and parent,” Samuels says. “That’s a whole lot coming from someone who was supposed to be a friend. So that just seems to me that you were never a friend.”

Neither Samuels nor Dillard Bassett are rushing to make amends with one another. 


Photo: Getty Images