Spoilers for How to Get Away with Murder Seasons 5 & 6:

Shadow And Act’s live Facebook Q&A series, Locked Down With ___ recently featured How to Get Away with Murder‘s Rome Flynn! The actor hints about the finale as well as behind-the-scenes stories about getting into character, working with Viola Davis and more.

Last season, it was revealed that Flynn’s character, Gabriel Maddox, is the son of the late Sam Keating (Tom Verica). Before the reveal, the most popular theory was that Gabriel was the son of Bonnie (Liza Weil) or even somehow the secret son of Annalise (Viola Davis). Flynn said he was kept in the dark about it until a few weeks before the twist was revealed.

I didn’t know much about my character’s trajectory initially,” he said. “On this show in particular, we normally don’t…the writers are always really current and they try to make sure they don’t get confined to a certain storyline so we never really know what’s happening with our character. So I didn’t know who my dad was initially.”

Recently, another reveal on the show makes Gabriel the half-brother of Frank (Charlie Weber). Flynn also talked about how his character might no longer be perceived as a threat as well as his chances for survival.

“I think…I would have liked for him to be more of a threat, but I get that the storylines needed to wrap up in a certain way, and it’s not The Gabriel Maddox Show, it’s How to Get Away with Murder,” he said. “It made a lot of sense the way that they ended up doing things. [But] I’m going to let you figure it out [if Gabriel survives]…I won’t tell you.”

One of his favorite moments working with Davis includes getting the seal of approval from her in a pivotal scene.

“It was a scene where Gabriel confronts her in her house and he asks her what she knew about his dad and his mom…and I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to go about this scene with her,” he said. “We did it a few times, and she brought it every time we did it and I finally feel like I got into that little space I was hoping for…and after the scene she said, ‘And the BET Award goes to’. I always knew that was her way of telling me I did a scene well, when said that and she’d tap me on the shoulder and said ‘You did good, keep it up.’ I cherish that because I just wanted to make her proud all the time. I look up to her a lot and she knows that, I always told her.”

What can fans expect from the finale? A lot, according to Flynn.

“I hope you guys will be happy for the ending…it’s going to be a wild ride,” he said. “S**t is going to hit the fan.”



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