Saucy Santana, 28, is trending again after sharing thoughts on gays during his Pride performance in Dallas, TX. While performing to a large and excited crowd, Saucy Santana explained why “gays run the motherf*cking world.”

Performing his latest hits and bringing out his besties, the City Girls, to perform beside him — Santana continued to say that “Material Gworls” run the world and the crowd agreed.

“One time for the LGT in this b*tch. ‘Cause I want you to know gays run the motherf*cking world, b*tch,” he said. “When these h*es need their hair done, they call the gays.” Santana continued. When them h*es need a stylist, they call the motherf*cking gays. When them h*es need they motherf*cking face done, they call the gays.”

Not stopping there, Sanatana told the crowd that gay men are the “blueprint” for the culture and style.

“A gay rapper that’s really running shit out here. I’ve been holding it motherfucking down for all of us in this b*tch. So, don’t hate. Congratulate b*tch,” he said.

Fans aren’t too happy with the Connecticut native’s mindset, deeming him ‘misogynist’ on Twitter.

While some other fans are concerned with Saucy’s comments about Black women since his 2014 tweets about Blue Ivy‘s features recently resurfaced.

“Santana is an example of how us gay men can also be misogynistic. Women don’t NEED us for hair, makeup, or boyfriend advice. Yeah, some do come to us because of our talents, but they don’t NEED us. They birthed US. They are capable of doing those things without us,” one person tweeted.

“Between the violence Azealia Banks received at PRIDE with men throwing trash @ her onstage and Santana unapologetically lambasting Blue Ivy & calling his (mostly female) fans “b*tches,” another user tweeted. “I hope yall are seeing that gay men should not be excluded from talks about misogyny.”

Other fans came to play devil’s advocate tweeting that people are misconstruing the rapper’s words.

“So I just watched that Santana performance clip and unless I was missing a part, I didn’t hear him say gay men teach women how to be women. He just said (at a PRIDE event) when the girls need hair, makeup and styling done, they call the gays so s/o to the gays,” another user tweeted.


What are your thoughts on his standpoint?