Dealing with haters, unfortunately, comes with the territory when you’re in the public eye. Adria Biles, Simone Biles Owens’ younger sister, recently had a run-in with some homophobic netizens, prompting her to call out the hate comments.

Biles shared various screenshots on her Instagram story of hate comments that anonymous users left, with her own response at the ready.

Under one picture, a hater wrote, “What went wrong with you, Adria? Are you gay? Who led you down this road?”

“What gay vibes is this, Adria? [Aren’t] you following the culture?” another commented.

“She need[s] to shake this gay shit off. Get your d*mn mind right, Adria,” someone else wrote.

Behind the wall of anonymity, these comments are commonplace on Biles’ Instagram under photos of her and her girlfriend, softball player Janae Jefferson.


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However, the 24-year-old is clearly not allowing herself to fall victim to such comments.

“I love me a hater,” She wrote in response, adding two laughing emojis.

“Bro, forreal, please do not come on my page with this. I will block and/or cuss you out depending on my mood,” she added.

Biles is one of Biles Owens’ four biological siblings, the other three older than the decorated gymnast. The younger sister of the celebrity sibling Biles duo was also a successful gymnast. 

The former gymnast trained with Simone until 2016 before shifting her attention to dentistry, where she hopes to specialize in dental hygiene.


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Apart from dentistry, Biles also performs with the Houston Astros Shooting Stars dance group during home games at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.

She most recently participated in the reality show Claim to Fame. She was the seventh participant to exit the show after Logan Crosby guessed her true identity.


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Many contemplated dating fellow participant Logan Crosby; however, she posed for the lens with girlfriend Janae Jefferson and effectively debunked the rumors about her sexuality.


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Last September, Biles conducted an impromptu Q&A session on Instagram where she talked about her sexuality.

One questioned if she identified as bisexual or lesbian. 

“A hundred percent lesbian,” she wrote.

In response to a fan who asked how the Biles clan reacted, specifically, her experience coming out to her parents.

“When I did, everyone said, ‘They knew,’” she said.

“They were super supportive; I love them,” Biles added.

It’s clear that Biles feels confident in her sexuality and, from her strong response to haters in her comments, is undeterred by the homophobia that still plagues members of the LGBTQ+ community, especially those in the spotlight.