Sister, Sister is 30 years old, and one network is celebrating the iconic ’90s sitcom with an all-day marathon!

Dabl Network will commemorate the series with an event starting April 1 at 6 am/5c.

The series stars Tia and Tamera Mowry as identical twin sisters who didn’t realize they had a twin until a chance meeting in a department store. They then realize they were separated at birth and adopted by single parents (Tim Reid, Jackée Harry). Their parents then decide to raise the girls together, leading to the setup that has led to 199 episodes over the course of six seasons, starting in 1994. After airing initially on ABC in its first two seasons, it moved to The WB for the rest of it run.

Here’s the full lineup of episodes airing April 1:

6am & 6pm – Sister, Sister “The Meeting”

6:30am & 6:30pm – Sister, Sister “Slumber Party”

7am & 7pm – Sister, Sister “You Are So Beautiful”

7:30am & 7:30pm – Sister, Sister “Daddy’s Girl”

8am & 8pm – Sister, Sister “Car Trouble”

8:30am & 8:30pm – Sister, Sister “Love Strikes”

9am & 9pm – Sister, Sister “Mothers & Other Strangers”

9:30am & 9:30pm – Sister, Sister “Hair Today”

10am & 10pm – Sister, Sister “Operation: Deja View”

10:30am & 10:30pm – Sister, Sister “Scrambled Eggs”

11am & 11pm – Sister, Sister “Wedding Bells & Box Boys”

11:30am & 11:30pm – Sister, Sister “The Pimple”

12pm & 12am – Sister, Sister “Cafeteria Lady”

12:30pm & 12:30am – Sister, Sister “Slime Party”

1pm & 1am – Sister, Sister “A Separate Peace”

1:30pm & 1:30am – Sister, Sister “Child’s Play”

2pm & 2am – Sister, Sister “Rosebud”

2:30pm & 2:30am – Sister, Sister “I Have a Dream”

3pm & 3am – Sister, Sister “Graduation”

3:30pm & 3:30am – Sister, Sister “Home Sweet Dorm”

4pm & 4am – Sister, Sister “Greek to Me”

4:30 pm & 4:30am – Sister, Sister “Freaknik”

5pm & 5am – Sister, Sister “The Road Less Traveled”

5:30 pm & 5:30am – Sister, Sister “Fly Away Home”

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