Bria Fleming is revealing a shocking tidbit about Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard being put on pause by Bravo, despite a breakout second season coupled with a reunion special. The reality series quickly became a staple on the network, trending week to week on social media. But for now, the show won’t be back– at least not right away.

When news first broke about the pause, she quickly took to social media. “Yes, the rumors are true,” she wrote. “Our show, SHMV, has been put on pause. While it is disappointing to see this happen, we believe it will inspire us to explore new directions in our careers, personal lives, and businesses.”

No updates have been given since the news broke in May. But in a conversation with Page Six, Fleming opened up about her reaction to the shocking decision, revealing that she found out the pause just like fans on social media.

“It kind of was like a slap in the face to hear that the show is on pause, because it came out of nowhere,” she said.

“I think we were just very shocked and disappointed because we brought it. We brought it [in the] second season. Like, everybody did their part,” she said, as reported by Reality Tea. She noted the feuds were “all organic,” and the drama was “juicy.”

“I had my drama,” Fleming reminded everyone. “I’m always in something.”

Whenever the pause is up, if ever, she hopes she has a spot on the show. She said, “My heart felt like it was [broken] to pieces because this is, like, my dream job, and I know it’s not the end, but we’re so conditioned to go back every summer. August is like, ‘OK, I gotta prepare, I gotta get my outfits and everything,’” she said. “But, of course, we would love to come back.”