The weather in July is sure to be hot, but anyone with a Netflix subscription might feel the heat turning up inside thanks to all the new content arriving on the streamer this month. Eddie Murphy’s long-awaited Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is due out on the 3rd, and animation lovers will be happy to know that Studio Ponoc’s The Imaginary is making its debut just a few days later. While waiting for the rest of July’s big arrivals, entertainment enthusiasts are catching up on June releases such as Supacell – a UK-based sci-fi series from the mind of Rapman.

“In South London, a group of normal people suddenly develop superpowers, and the only apparent connection between them is that they are all Black; as they deal with the impact of their powers on their daily lives, one man must bring them together,” the official synopsis reads. The show’s main protagonist is Michael Lasaki (Tosin Cole), a delivery driver who enjoys his humble life with his beautiful fiancée, Dionne (Adelayo Adedayo).

When Michael suddenly learns that he can time travel and that his other half’s life is in grave danger if he doesn’t take action, the young man races against the clock to assemble a team of superheroes with a mission to save Dionne. Throughout his noble mission, the male lead and his crew are terrorized by hooded figures from The Organisation – a military-like crew seeking to imprison anyone gaining mysterious powers like Michael. If you haven’t seen the Netflix Original, beware of the spoilers below. Otherwise, keep scrolling for our full Supacell ending explained analysis.

Have You Seen Netflix’s Newest Black Show? Let’s Examine the ‘Supacell’ Ending:

'Supacell' Ending Explained pictured: David Oyelowo and Rapman
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for BOSS)

Throughout the British show’s six episodes, Michael brings together a crew of misfits including Sabrina (Nadine Mills), a nurse with telekinesis and Tazer (Josh Tedeku), who has the superpower of invisibility. Rounding out the team is Rodney (Calvin Demba), a drug dealer with super speed, but to keep Dionne alive, Michael needs help from one more person – Andre (Eric Kofi Abrefa). Unfortunately, he’s a hooded member of The Organisation, making it impossible for him to help the former delivery driver.

In the final episode, we learn that the abandoned Ashington Estate has become The Organisation’s headquarters. The powerful group is under the leadership of Ray (Eddie Marsan) and Victoria (Siân Brooke); the latter is a sickle cell nurse who seeks to build up an army of those who carry the Supacell, which is the same mutated gene that gave Michael, Sabrina and the others their abilities. As Dionne’s fiance learns about Andre’s role in The Organisation, we also find out that Tazer’s mom didn’t abandon him as he previously believed – she was the woman killed by Ray and Victoria’s army at the beginning of the Netflix show.

Elsewhere, Dionne kept busy investigating the disappearance of Jasmine, who’s ultimately uncovered at the Ashington Estate. She and her man pay a visit to their enemy’s headquarters and find themselves in a feud. Krazy, Tazer’s brother-like figure is the head of the hoodies and has the power to channel anyone else’s powers if they’re close enough to him. As the drama between the two groups plays out, Andre realizes how corrupt The Organisation is and opts out in favor of joining Michael to help save Dionne. In the moments after, all the hoodies are killed except for Krazy, who wants his opponents to believe he’ll surrender. While doing this, the hoodie’s leader convinces Rodney to come forward, allowing him to use the drug dealer’s super speed to brutally attack the protagonists.

Using the last bit of his strength, Michael turns back time to the moment when Krazy surrenders and stabs him multiple times, leaving him for dead. It might’ve seemed like the Supacell ending would be a happy one, but Rapman had a major twist in store for viewers. Before dying, the violent antagonist shoots a bullet from the gun in his hands, missing the five Supacellers but penetrating the window of a nearby car where Dionne was sitting. She dramatically stumbles out of the car covered in blood, falling into her partner’s arms while he cries out, left with no energy to turn back time and save her. As she succumbs to her injuries, Michael runs away from the scene. Weeks later, he asks Sabrina, Rodney, Tazer and Andre to reconnect. At this time, Cole’s character vows to travel to the future and seek revenge on those who have hurt them. This cliffhanger ending suggests that another season of Supacell might be in the works, though Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything just yet.

Is ‘Supacell’ Getting a Second Season?

It’s too early to tell whether Supacell will return for season two on Netflix. As with most new shows, the potential for renewal is there as long as audiences react positively to the show and give it the streams it deserves. In an interview with Radio Times, series creator Rapman hinted that there’s more to come. “For the beginning of the show, I always tell everyone that season one of Supacell to me is like Batman Begins. It’s just beginning. You’ve got to see where it goes next to see who these people really are,” he teased.