An LA talent agency says they had an oral agreement with the Get Ya Life star Tamar Braxton to help secure her entertainment deals. Terms of the deal included them being paid 10% off all earnings they helped Braxton secure. The alleged deal, which Pantheon Talent Group claims to have entered into with the singer in 2016, assisted Braxton in securing gigs with VH1’s Hollywood Squares and To Catch a Beautician – and her controversial Braxton Family Values spinoff Get Ya Life. But Pantheon says they have yet to receive any commission.

Radar Online reports that the agency says Braxton was paid $75,000 per episode for Get Ya Life, and an additional $30,000 per episode for To Catch a Beautician. They allege Braxton “inexplicably turning her back on Pantheon and the contributions it made to help propel her career” but “Instead has brazenly chosen to flatly ignore” their request for payment.

But Braxton is calling their bluff. When the initial lawsuit was filed, Braxton immediately requested that a judge put the case on hold so that can could file an action against the agency with the Labor Commissioner. The reason why is because she says the agent, Nick Roses, is not licensed. She also insists she never made an oral deal with the agency. In the suit, she argued: “As Roses was not a licensed talent agent, Roses could not have procured employment for Braxton.” 

A judge sided with Braxton and the lawsuit was put on hold. Just recently, the Dancing With the Stars alum filed new documents and is gearing up for a legal battle against Roses in front of the Labor Commissioner. The Labor Commissioner will determine whether Rosses violated any laws about being an agent and will determine if Braxton has to pay up.