The Teen Mom crew is back for what they’re calling some good, dysfunctional, family vacation fun!

Teen Mom: Family Reunion has returned for another season to follow the lives of some of the OG cast members from the hit MTV series as they continue to navigate parenthood and friendship.

“I feel like we all get to experience everyone’s different dynamics and hear about other people’s parenting, home lives, and all of these different things,” Jade Cline told Blavity’s Shadow and Act Unscripted. “At the end of the day, I feel like, all of us may have different types of home lives or co-parenting and different types of families, but we have a lot of common ground too.”

“With each of us there’s something we can find in each couple or person or parent that we can align with,” she continued. “That’s what brings us so close, being on the show. It’s definitely hard, you definitely get a lot of judgment being a parent on a television show. No one understands the s**t we go through besides us so we already have that base-level bond.”

Other cast members recalled the biggest lessons they learned while filming this season of the show.

“The biggest lesson I learned about myself this season, honestly, is that I have a lot to work on within myself in our marriage,” said Zach Davis of his relationship with Cheyenne Floyd. “I found issues that I had that started at the root that I didn’t know about that now I’m able to go home and seek therapy and help in a way that I can move forward.”

For Cheyenne, the vulnerability that she witnessed in this season is what she cherishes the most.

“We wanted everyone to walk away from this experience with a positive, five-star Yelp review,” she shared. “We didn’t want it to be like past season where we walked away and we’re like, ‘What did we just do and why did we do that?’ I think overall, this season gives a whole new dynamic of vulnerability and seeing us not only as parents but as young adults having fun, people digging deep and opening up in ways that we haven’t before.”

When it comes to motherhood and having a life, Taylor Selfridge also admits that she learned some things about herself that she is working to enhance.

“Just taking the time to kind of separate myself from being a mom to being in a relationship,” she said. “That’s probably my biggest issue, not being able to separate the two. I almost try to mother Cory as well and I need to just like not do that and just be a girlfriend and a partner. That’s been the biggest lesson for me.”

Briana DeJesus says that while she’s been through a lot in this season, one key takeaway for her is to just give herself the time and space to pour the energy she gives so freely to others into herself.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion airs Wednesdays on MTV.