The Chi is back to close out Season 6, and it’s filled with character growth and development, according to series star Jacob Latimore.

“What I love about our show is, every season, I don’t feel like I’m coming to the same character,” Latimore told Blavity’s Shadow and Act. “I think Emmett is managing being a father, being a great boyfriend, but also being intentional about his own mental health and being intentional about his friend group and the survival of his family and leaving his household. That is it. I feel like we see him get more intentional about it and a little more strategic and actually seeking knowledge and wisdom from his father and its people who have been through similar situations that he’s been through instead of just trying to figure it all out on his own.” 

After sharing that Emmett’s goal last year was one still very much rooted in survival, Latimore says fans will witness him weather the storm he’s currently facing as a result of the life choices he’s made.

“His mission this season, it’s just to really kind of conquer this new set of challenges of just dealing with street politics and also maintaining his character through it all,” Latimore said. “We see him get out of character a bit, and he’s not really cut out for that. We see him be himself even in the midst of chaos and that’s a beautiful thing to watch as he goes through this storm of events.”

Additionally, he revealed that viewers will see a lot more vulnerability from the characters this season and that it may shock them because it took him surprise bringing that character arc to life for Emmett.

“Emmet’s ability to be more vulnerable in his relationships with his girlfriend, with his mother, with his father, seeing that guard come down in front of them, I think that was the most shocking thing I’ve seen on the second half of this season,” said Latimore.

The Chi season 6 is now available for streaming on Paramount+ with Showtime, with new episodes dropping each and every Friday.