The new trailer for season 2 of Them, titled Them: The Scare, looks creepy, and it’s just what we would expect from the second part in Prime Video’s horror anthology series.

Taking place in Los Angeles, just like the original season, the new season will move forward from 1952 to 1991, with original cast member Deborah Ayorinde returning as a new character LAPD Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve. Her new case is, according to the synopsis, “the gruesome murder of a foster home mother that has left even the most hardened detectives shaken.” With the city hurtling towards the 1992 Rodney King case and racial riots, Dawn is diligently working to catch the killer, but, “as she draws closer to the truth, something ominous and malevolent grips her and her family…”

Along with Ayorinde, Them: The Scare also stars Pam Grier, Luke James, Joshua J. Williams, Jeremy Bobb, Wayne Knight, Carlito Olivero, Charles Brice and Iman Shumpert. Little Marvin, the creator of Them, also returns as showrunner and executive producer with Steve Prinz and Vertigo Entertainment’s Miri Yoon and Roy Lee

Them: The Scare comes to Prime Video April 25.