Heathers, the 1988 cult black comedy that starred Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty, is becoming a TV series.

The original film follows 4 teenage girls — three of whom are wealthy and beautiful and named Heather — in the most dominant clique at a fictional Ohio high school: the leader, Heather Chandler; the quiet, bookish and bulimic Heather Duke; and the weak-willed cheerleader Heather McNamara. Though they are the most popular students, the Heathers are both feared and hated. They invite 17-year-old Veronica Sawyer to join their group, by association making her a very popular girl as well. However, Veronica has had enough of their selfish behavior and longs to return to her old life and her nerdy friends.

A TV series adaptation has been in the works for years; in 2009, Fox TV and Sony studios teamed up to produce a “Heathers” series, which was to be a modernized version of the original story, and all characters from the film were expected to be scripted into the adaptation; in 2012, the Bravo network began developing a “Heathers” TV reboot, which wasn’t at all connected to the Fox/Sony project. Neither proposed series ever made it to broadcast.

Finally, earlier this year, March 2016, TV Land ordered a “Heathers” series as an anthology dark comedy set in the present day, with a very different but equally vicious group of Heathers. The series is written by Jason Micallef and Tom Rosenberg, and exec produced by Gary Lucchesi will executive produce for Lakeshore Entertainment.

Since the pilot, it has moved from TV Land to Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV), where it was ordered to series and  described the upcoming series as a “black comedy anthology”

In a couple of twists on the original, one of the Heathers in the series will be a male who identifies as gender-queer, and another who is black and a lesbian. In the 1988 film, all the Heathers were played by young white actresses.

Of note, given this Shadow & Act’s s stated interests, newcomer Jasmine Matthews will play Heather McNamara, the weak-willed cheerleader who was played by Lisanne Falk in the original film.

Heathers premieres in March.

Watch the trailer below, which is red band/NSFW: