Tubi is now inviting all filmmakers to create for the streaming service.

Tubi announced the launch of Stubios, described as a “fan fueled studio for aspiring filmmakers and their fans.” The streaming service states it’s “welcoming creatives from varied backgrounds into Hollywood” and “puts the power to greenlight content in the hands of the viewer.”

Stubios is part of Tubi’s “expansive content strategy” that utilizes viewer-driven trends to give creators new ways to enter into the Hollywood industry. On top of that, Stubios claims it will allow fans “to find more stories they can see themselves in.” How Stubios works is that Stubiorunners, creatives who are accepted into the program, can ask their fans their opinions on all aspects of creating a project, including who to cast, key art production, and more. Viewers can further support projects by watching the Stubiorunner’s content. Once viewership surpasses a certain threshold, Stubiorunners will get the automatic greenlight to create another content. Tubi states this will create “a flywheel of success to build a sustainable career.”

Issa Rae, who famously started her career on the internet by creating web series Awkward Black Girl, will serve as a mentor for Stubiorunners with one-on-one calls and production support from ColorCreative. Even better, film and television projects created from Stubios will get the full distribution and promotion support from Tubi, with creators receiving an Executive Producer credit and a flat fee payment for their original IP and work.

“I am deeply passionate about creating pathways to sustainable careers into Hollywood for creatives of diverse backgrounds,” Rae said in a statement. “We at ColorCreative are thrilled to see Tubi taking this important and bold step, and we’re excited to support and guide Stubios creatives on their first long-form projects.”

“I am immensely proud to partner with Tubi in launching Stubios, empowering diverse voices in entertainment, added ColorCreative’s president and head of ColorCreative Management Talitha Watkins. “Together, we’re shaping the future of storytelling, fostering inclusivity, and providing mentorship and production support to emerging talent to cultivate a community where creativity thrives.”

“Tubi is free entertainment for the cordless generation, and we’re committed to a programming strategy that resonates with younger and diverse audiences,” Anjali Sud, CEO of Tubi, said. “Tubi has the unique advantage of the world’s largest library of movies and TV series, and the insights we gain from viewers telling us what they want to watch. Stubios is a way to give creatives with invested fanbases an opportunity to tell stories that may not otherwise be greenlit in Hollywood, and it will enable Tubi to ensure our programming reflects culture as it is happening.”