TV One Logo
TV One Logo

TV One has announced that the network is introducing a new brand promise to “REPRESENT” the best of Black culture and entertainment – past, present and future.

This new brand promise will be showcased during the network’s live telecast of the 47th Annual NAACP Image Awards this Friday, February 5, at 8 pm ET. TV One will be re-presented to viewers in a new way, with a new look and feel, incorporating the network’s new tagline, “REPRESENT,” which will reiterate the channel’s commitment to offer the most engaging Black entertainment experience.

“We have a vision of the future that can only be achieved by defying expectations. Our new brand identity will underscore the importance of re-presenting and re-imagining ourselves to our viewers with a call to action that will catapult us into the future in a fresh new way,” said Brad Siegel, President of TV One. “From representing black greatness with our live telecast of the 47th Annual NAACP Image Awards, to being on the forefront of news issues in the Black community with ‘News One Now,’ to new original reality and scripted series ‘The Next: 15’ and ‘Here We Go Again,’ our goal is to raise the bar on entertainment offerings reflecting the beautiful and strong diversity within Black culture.”

“We are committed to delivering on what consumers are demanding and what is missing in entertainment – a more balanced representation of stories and black images that exist in today’s culture,” said Lori Hall, SVP, Marketing when asked why TV One chose “REPRESENT” as its new tagline. “Distilled into one word, we are able to signal to viewers everywhere that we are authentic, not contrived, honest and real. It is a fresh new brand promise people can believe in because they know what it means to represent as a single-word statement. Within ‘represent’ is the word ‘re-present’ and this is also a core part of our brand promise.”

“We will put great stories first, connecting and entertaining through emotion,” said D’Angela Proctor, SVP, Original Programming and Production. “We will be brave with our storytelling, elevating new voices and investing in people who have something to say. We will deliver on programs our audience craves and deserves. Our first-ever ‘Change Agents: History in the Making’ short films and our American Black Film Festival Screenplay Competition are perfect examples of how we are finding and elevating new voices and talent.”

In addition to a comprehensive creative overhaul of the network’s on-air and off-air brand elements, such as the tagline, logo, promos and its website, TV One is also committing to producing high-quality, well-rounded Black content across a variety of genres.

Check out a sneak peek of TV One’s new brand identity (above and below):