The drama-filled saga of Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s relationship continues to go strong. However, more people are beginning to rush to the Baddies South star’s defense and call out the “Thotiana” rapper’s toxic behavior.

This shift in the tide comes as a result of a video circulating online that shows how Blueface reacted to his girlfriend allegedly trying to run off with his cellphone.

“She tried to run,” Blueface says in the clip, which was uploaded to and later deleted from his Instagram Story; it’s worth adding that, as Blueface says this, he’s showing off a large bald spot on the back of Rock’s head.

“Why do you want to show people what you did to me?” the 22-year-old asks, to which Blueface responds, “I didn’t do this to you. You tried to run.”

Chrisean Rock then brings up how Blueface broke the bathroom door down in a “rampage,” and the couple goes to show off the damage.

“She tried to get my phone and run to the bathroom. Knocked this motherf**ker off the hinges,” the rapper proudly says while showing off the broken door.

As the video in question was uploaded to Twitter with various laughing emoji, it appears as though the poster believed most users would find the clip to be funny. However, the exact opposite was true, as the Twitter masses came out to blast Blueface’s behavior and condemn others for finding the situation humorous.

Others pointed out the overall sensationalism surrounding the pair’s relationship, noting that “the selective outrage is real” and the hype is only fueling their antics.

People also shared that they truly felt as though someone needed to “save” Chrisean from Blueface’s clutches.

One user also noted that she’s still holding out hope that Chrisean Rock will leave Blueface and turn her life around, while another suggested that the 22-year-old go through an intervention.

Finally, another Twitter user shared her take on the situation: Chrisean Rock has fully lost herself in Blueface, and the rapper resultingly has no respect for her.

As noted, Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s relationship being plagued with issues is nothing new, though the matter was usually written off as the pair just doing their own thing.

Whether they were tussling in the streets of Hollywood, engaging in toxic back-and-forths online or getting involved in legal trouble, many didn’t appear to be too worried about the state of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship.

However, it looks like this recent video of Blueface showing the aftermath of his “rampage” is hitting different, and people are beginning to become more outspoken with their concern for Rock, who tweeted that she only wants to “be happy till this short time on earth is over” mere days before this incident.

What do you think about the overall situation?