Netflix has come a long way since launching its first reality romance series, Dating Around, in 2019, but have the contestants had much luck when it comes to finding their Perfect Match? At the start of June, some familiar faces from past Netflix Original shows like Too Hot to Handle and Love Is Blind headed to beautiful Mexico, to see if they might connect with their soulmate through a series of fun (sometimes spicy) challenges and dates. While some contestants, such as Alara and Stevan, seemed to connect intimately on screen, viewers are dying to know if there was any longevity to their bond and where the other Perfect Match stars have ended up.

Like so many other dating reality shows, the popular show’s second season failed to produce any successful long-term partnerships. However, it did allow some of Netflix’s finest to connect with their contemporaries and strengthen their female friendships. Outside of the luxurious villa where filming took place, Perfect Match has granted some cast members the confidence boost they needed to pursue the connections and careers of their dreams. Keep reading to find out which of the reality stars is living their best single life, and who’s looking to settle down and hopefully tie the knot soon.

‘Perfect Match’ Contestants Currently in a Relationship

'Perfect Match': Who Is Still Together Now? pictured: Dominique Defoe
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For LGBTQ+ viewers, Dominique’s refusal to let her bisexuality be erased was one of the most empowering moments during this season of Perfect Match. The black-haired beauty had two failed connections in Mexico – the first with Bryton, who she frequently clashed with, and the second with Chris, who viewed her attraction to both men and women as a “gimmick.” Rather than shrinking herself for a shot at love, Dom chose to leave the villa on her own terms. “As much as I wanted to be here and fall in love, I’m not going to fake a connection because you obviously have an issue with my sexuality. I’m not going to compromise who I am and devalue myself by begging just so I can stay in this house. I would rather leave,” she declared.

At the same time, the social media star is happy and proud that she was open to the opportunity. “I will never regret opening myself up to love, no matter how painful it can be. It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world and it’s something no one can take away from me so no, I don’t regret trying and I don’t regret leaving when I knew it wasn’t there for me,” she told Netflix’s Tudum. These days, Dominique is deepening her connection with a woman who makes her feel totally at home while penning a rom-com novel about two bisexual women. “I’m constantly learning something new about myself,” she said of her current partner. “Being with them makes me a more expansive person. The life that we create for ourselves is capable of going obviously beyond just the same old heteronormative shit.”


Izzy, who you might recognize from Love Is Blind, came on to Micah a bit too strongly for some viewers’ liking, and he has some regrets about that in retrospect. “I definitely wouldn’t have gone in with the ‘Love Is Blind’ mentality and went in a little bit more lighthearted and not so intense. It freaked some people out a little bit, but I was just being true to myself and what I was really looking for at the end of it,” he explained. “It helped me bring a little bit more confidence to myself. I can be a bit of a shy, reserved guy sometimes until I get tequila in my system. It is definitely more intimidating when you meet face-to-face versus behind a wall.”

His personal development has helped Izzy find a woman who he hopes to move forward with when the time is right. “I’ve been dating a girl this entire time. It’s getting very serious, so I’ve just been very present with her. She went through the ride with me after Love Is Blind, and it’s really just been progressing. “We’ll probably get engaged at the end of the year,” he told Tudum.


After catching our attention on Too Hot to Handle, Melinda made an impression on Perfect Match by quickly connecting with other houseguests, though not every bond formed worked in her favor. At this time, she only still talks to Xanthi, Dominique and Nigel from the show, though she’s still hoping for an apology from Harry after their infamous beach day situation and alleged secret kiss.

Despite her best efforts, Mel didn’t find her dream man in Mexico, but she is “super happy” in a union with a man who’s “totally different from [her] usual type.” She happily gushed about her new man in a post-finale interview, revealing, “For one, we have the same personality and he’s such a caring guy. I’ve never had a guy that cared so much about my happiness and making sure that my needs are met when I’m least expecting it.”


Though he spent a lot of his time getting to know Micah, that blossoming romance didn’t stop Kaz from getting hot and heavy with Christine. According to him, his partnership with the former ended on a sour note, although she’s said she “doesn’t regret spending time with him,” despite the “drama and turmoil” that came as a result. “Before we even made it off the show, she sent me a text message saying that she truly hates me. It escalated very quickly, but she was messaging other people,” Kaz told Tudum. They’re not on speaking terms at the moment but did reconnect earlier this year at the Netflix Summer Break event after months of zero contact.

Rather than spinning the block with his ex, the Netflix personality has already hard launched a new boo, who he’s very proud of. “I’ve argued with her only once, which is amazing. She’s literally a genuine, very mature, and lovely person. She’s just everything you can look for, so I’m excited to see what happens,” Kaz boasted.


In the Perfect Match villa, Stevan formed one of this season’s strongest bonds with Alara. Despite all the time and energy they put into making it work, living across the globe from one another proved to be a fatal axe to their growing love. “We just really weren’t able to speak. By the time I was waking up, she was going to bed. I am not always on my phone like people think that I am. I barely post on social media, so it just didn’t work out in that sense,” he explained of their split.

While it wasn’t easy to end things with his London-based lover, Stevan is proud he stayed true to himself throughout the process. Like Micah and Kaz, these two were able to reconnect at Netflix Summer Break, but it also didn’t lead to a reconciliation. Rather, Stevan is “moving on with real life away from reality life,” which involves seeing someone new as far out of the spotlight as possible.


Of all the female houseguests, Elys proved to have the most versatile dating experience. She coupled up with Harry, Chris and Justin before ending Perfect Match alongside Bryton, which the blonde beauty now calls “a terrible judgement on her behalf.” After filming, the pair dealt with “a lot of drama” that led them to cancel plans to keep their fling going from different continents. Even after so many failed attempts at love with other Netflix stars, Elys wasn’t jaded by the idea of dating someone familiar with her world. She’s now “madly in love with a gorgeous boy” – Nathan from season three of Too Hot to Handle – and has been spending her free time modeling, traveling and working on her Haus of Hutch brand.


On a recent Instagram post, Bryton (previously seen on Squid Game: The Challenge) made it clear that he’s alright with being the bad guy. “I want to apologize to literally nobody from any fucking cast or any of the fans. I’m myself. I have my own beliefs the same way you have your own beliefs and I feel really sorry for you if you’re not a Christian or if you don’t believe in any sort of higher power. I am fully tapped into the villain role, I fully understand that none of you like me, I will continue to go that route of making you not like me.”

Reality shows are notorious for editing scenes to make one or more cast members look particularly villainous, and it seems this time, he got the short end of the stick. Regardless, Bryton is grateful to have found a partner away from the Perfect Match villa who understands him.

Who From the Netflix Reality Series Is Single?

'Perfect Match': Who Is Still Together Now? pictured: Christine Obanor
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)


Christine is one of the two winners of Perfect Match season two, but that doesn’t mean she found her soulmate. After nine months of dating, she and Nigel called it quits, despite her attempts to get him in couple’s therapy. “Nigel and I didn’t have the longest time with each other in the house, but out connection after was electric. We were unapologetically ourselves around each other,” she shared with Tudum.

“I have learned from our relationship that two people [who] have not fully healed from past traumas are only going to cause more damage, and deflect their insecurities onto one another. I have learned from our relationship that two people [who] have not fully healed from past traumas are only going to cause more damage, and deflect their insecurities onto one another,” she added. While waiting for Mr. Right to come along, Christine is focusing on building her personal brand and trying out commercial acting.


Like his ex, Nigel doesn’t regret his Netflix reality dating experience. “I went in with an open mind and heart and gave it my all and ultimately ended up winning. It’s possible to find love on TV. Regardless of the camera, the feelings are still real and the bonds are real,” he confirmed. For his part, Nigel is getting back to reality after championing his season of the show, working, exercising and making content for his growing platforms.


After friend-zoning Izzy and getting flirty with Kaz, Micah is ready to try something new in love – keeping it out of the public eye. “There’s going to be a hard launch when I have a ring on my finger and that will be the next time you guys hear from me,” she teased. “I need contacts for my colorblindness because I do not see red flags.”


Chris was last seen on Dated & Related, but on Perfect Match, he and Tolú quickly gained support from viewers as they got to know one another. In the final episodes, they seemed to be proceeding slowly but steadily. These days, however, the on-screen duo isn’t in contact and they have no plans of changing that. There was some “negative feedback” about Chris that reportedly turned his lover off of their plans for the future, though they managed to remain civil on social media as the finale was playing out this month.


While Stevan commends himself on doing what was right and choosing himself in his split from Alara, she tells a different story. In an interview with Netflix, the socialite says that she and her ex took an “amazing” vacation together before he “ghosted” her. Getting emotional, she explained, “I was ready to move to L.A., or he was ready to come to London. We were looking at apartments.”

“He sent me a massive paragraph saying, ‘You deserve so much better. I’m not in the right headspace right now. I’ve got so much going on.’ And obviously, what am I gonna do? I’m gonna block him. So that’s what I did,” she told the streamer. Thankfully, Alara has her newfound friendship with Micah to get her through the hard times, despite the beef they had on the show. As for her love life, she’ll be keeping those details as private as possible for the time being.


Harry is among those who skyrocketed to fame on the first season of Too Hot to Handle, and he’s found great success as a podcaster and host since. Unfortunately, that luck hasn’t translated to his love life, as the Australian says he’s “violently single” as of late. “I’m just not an easy person to date. I’m very busy and bringing someone into that world is really tough. I feel like I would be doing a disservice to anyone to put that burden on them. But when that person does pop up, [I want to be] fully prepared and ready to give them everything that they need,” the heartthrob reflected.

With over a year of learning lessons behind him, Harry looks back on his Perfect Match journey with much different eyes now. “I’ve grown so much and done so much work on myself in the last year. Now I get to look at that version of Harry and be like, ‘Okay, well, thank God I’m not like that anymore.’ I get to evaluate myself and make sure that that doesn’t happen again,” he said.


Even though Chris is no longer her man, audiences enjoyed watching Tolú and “Axel Steel” get up close and personal. In her chat with Tudum, she had plenty to say about why their connection didn’t go the mile. “There were ups and downs with my experience with Chris in the house. I don’t regret it. I learned a lot about myself, what I want in a relationship, and what I will never settle for in a partner. So fortunately for me, our relationship did not go past Mexico. My relationship with Chris as of current is non-existent and I intend to keep it that way,” she stated.

Further reflecting on her experience, The Trust winner added, “I went out of my comfort zone on the show, especially compared to The Trust where I led with my head and I kept my walls way up high. With Perfect Match, I led with my heart. I dropped my walls down and allowed myself to be vulnerable. The world now has a real exclusive peek into what it’s like to be around lovergirl T.” After filming, she relocated from Houston to Los Angeles (where Chris also lives), but has full intentions of using this time to fall back in love with herself, “the baddest bitch [she] knows.”


Jess and Harry took us on a rollercoaster of emotions while searching for their Perfect Match. She failed to make it out of the pods while appearing on Love Is Blind, and didn’t have high expectations going into this show, but wound up confessing deep feelings for Harry while they were getting to know one another. After his wandering eyes got the better of them, their bond looks much different. “I wouldn’t quite call us friends, but we’re definitely not enemies. At this point, I just have to meet him where he is. I mean, Harry is Harry,” Jess declared.

As she seeks out what’s next in love and life, the reality starlet is keeping romance close to her heart while pouring into the female friendships she’s been forging while single. “You’re going to have a million problems in life, especially with men, but your friendships with women absolutely don’t have to be one of them,” Jess reminded fans.


Another cast member who left the Netflix Original on her own terms is Xanthi, walking away after Stefan paired off with Alara. It seems the Boston-based baddie is all the better for it, and she had no plans to follow her co-stars to Los Angeles anytime soon. “I’ve just been getting my feet with, trying new things,” she said, noting this includes her dating life too. “I don’t want to settle, so I’m single and thriving. I don’t know if dating men in the limelight works for me,” Xanthi shared.


Justin’s first date with Elys took place in an ice bath, and from there, their spark only grew hotter. While some thought they were end game, he ultimately left the villa early when his apparent Perfect Match ditched him to link up with Bryton. “Part of me wishes that I would’ve explored more options with other individuals,” he admitted to Tudum. “I went full certified loverboy and paid the price, I don’t regret my approach, though. I tried to stay authentic to myself, and I had such a fun time.”

Also originally hailing from Boston, Justin now has plans to relocate to Los Angeles and keep working. “I’ve been traveling quite a bit, enjoying the little things in life, and spending a lot of time with my family before finalizing my move. I have a lot of exciting things that I can’t wait to share with everyone soon,” he hinted.


After failing to make any matches during her stay, Holly at least left the Mexican villa with her heart fully intact. “I feel like things would have potentially been different if I had started off in the house and had gotten the opportunity to get to know everyone,” the brunette beauty reflected. “Honestly, I feel like I gave it my best shot! I put myself out there and was open to the experience.”

She’s keeping details about her love life under wraps for the time being, though she did share that Justin asked her out after filming wrapped. Holly might not have found her dream man, but she did uncover a new philosophy that’s changed her life. “Never accept mediocracy, and just be open to life, love, and experiences… I have moved out to London, and now [live] between there and Los Angeles. I have been doing lot of traveling, shopping, and just continuing [to be] glamorous.”


It seems getting to the villa late didn’t work in Brittan’s favor either. “I just wish I had entered at a different time than I did. With everyone already coupled up, I feel I didn’t have the same opportunities as others to form connections,” she confessed to Tudum. “I’m a free spirit, who thrives on organic bonds, and I truly believe things would have gone differently if I was put in a more welcoming environment.” On the bright side, bonding with the other women on Perfect Match has allowed Brittan to move forward in her self-love journey with more passion than ever before.