The second season of ABC’s Will Trent is underway, and Iantha Richardson is opening up about the many layers of her character Faith.

“Faith has taught me that family can be your hardest and least safe space,” Richardson told Blavity. “We see a lot in the first season about her mom and, although she is a loving woman, she has created such a hard journey for Faith, and that’s not always what you think about.”

“I think for Faith, her family has created such a structure of legacy moving forward because they all worked within the confines of the APD and the GBI, but also, what does that legacy look like? Because there’s a fallen soldier within all of her family and the construct of her work. I think the complexities of family is what she has shown me,” she continued.

Richardson said fans will get an inside glimpse into what makes Faith who she is on the inside.

“We already knew or kind of got a glimpse that she was a very smart, tenacious person,” Richardson said. “We see her get actualized in this season. She is no longer an intern or rookie who’s just trying to kind of figure things out. With Will, she’s an actual partner at this point. She’s an adult and coming into her own. The revelation is that she is a solid human being and a great detective who is not a side piece, but a great partner and woman simultaneously.”

“Her and Will are such great mirrors to each other,” she continued. “We see her pick up so many great skills in terms of reading crime scenes from him. He’s a genius in his own right when it comes to his work, and we see her become accepted by him and him accepted by her in terms of their partnership. She gains a lot of insight and tools and is becoming more open to receiving those tools, as opposed to the first season. I think she was a little hard and didn’t trust this man because of righteous reasons. We see her become a little more in flow with the dynamic and learning and being open with him. I think that is cool to see in this season.”

Richardson also reflected on being one of the youngest in the Will Trent crew.

“I believe I’m the baby of the cast and, so, being able to work with all of these incredible artists who are seasoned,” she said. “What they do just gives me so much insight and knowledge. And it’s always a school for learning when I’m on set because I get to see how they would do things and handle stuff inside of acting and outside of just navigating the set on the day to day.”

Richardson added, “I’m grateful and privileged to be on set with such an amazing cast. It’s just a stand-up professional environment who are very kind, caring and thoughtful.”

Additionally, she shared how being back on set with former This Is Us castmate and television mother Susan Kelechi Watson was a full-circle moment.

“Susan and Sterling [K. Brown] were the two people — well Sterling was one person who I worked with the most on This Is Us — but between those two, they were so nurturing on that set. They were such open and kind individuals, you don’t always find people like that,” she said. “To have her come on a set that I’m spearheading in a way was just so lovely and full circle. She’s of course, working on her own things, but the things that I’ve learned from her, I’ve taken to this set. We’ve talked a little bit about this, so just to have a reunion and commune about the past and also to get her blessings and grace for this current season while working with her was so lovely.”

Will Trent airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, with episodes available for streaming the following day on Hulu.