Conversations with Mahershala Ali
Conversations with Mahershala Ali

A wonderful 90-minute conversation with Mahershala Ali which courtesy of SAG-AFTRA and its long-form “Conversations” talk series, which took place on January 12 and is now online in full.

In a career retrospective chat with Jenelle Riley of Variety moderating, the actor talks talks in-depth about his professional life, from childhood, as the son of a busy actor and dancer father who introduced him to the business, to his college years, stage work, early screen work, getting his SAG card, navigating the business of show, trials and triumphs, impacting experiences, actors he’s worked with, all his defining and career-boosting roles and performances, his current success on the big and small screen, how quickly that success came, and more.

It’s a fun, breezy, enlightening conversation that you can watch in full below.

Ali currently appears in 2 of the most talked-about films of the awards seas: “Hidden Figures” and “Moonlight.” He is also now an Oscar nominee for his performance in the latter.

Watch the 90-minute “Conversations with Mahershala Ali” below: