While we are waiting for Zazie Beetz to slay the screen as Domino in Deadpool 2, her recent feature in THR is revealing some more information about her role in the franchise.

The feature states that the actress “secured a three-picture deal with Fox, likely to play out in the X-Force spinoff movies.”

Although it says that this would probably play out over the spinoffs, could there be an opportunity for a Domino solo movie?

If you remember correctly, before the Disney/Fox deal, Fox has been planning their on Marvel movies, including the X-Force spinoffs and a franchise built around Spider-Man characters like Venom and Silver and Black. 

In the THR feature, she also talked about her intense traning for the role. “It was a lot…Especially because in my routine day-to-day, I didn’t really work out that much. So it was a huge transition emotionally and physically … just something I hadn’t felt before. (I’d) never really brought myself that far.”

Deadpool 2 is out in theaters in May.