Eric Reid Just Shaded The NFL's 'Random' Drug Tests In The Best Way

The Carolina Panthers' safety celebrated yet another absurd drug test on Twitter.

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| March 25 2019,

7:16 pm

The Carolina Panthers' Eric Reid took a moment to shade the NFL as his first "random" drug test of the year loomed.

Adding to what Reid once claimed was a trend of unfair testing beginning last September, on Monday, the Panthers reported the 27-year-old was selected for yet another drug test by the NFL.

"In honor of my first 'random' drug test of the year," Reid tweeted alongside a photo of himself curling his trusted 40 Iron Grip weight. "Shoutout to my trainer."

Reid signed to the Carolina Panthers in September, Yahoo reports. His first test, required upon signing, was mandatory. However, since then Reid has appeared to be unfairly targeted for the testing, which the rules state are to be random. Reid insists his athletic acumen is natural.

As Blavity reported, the NFL player said back in December that he had undergone seven "random" drug tests in under 11 weeks, which he believes -- and others have confirmed -- to be statistically improbable. 

The Panthers employ 72 players, 10 of whom are required to be tested after each game.

Yahoo calculated that leaves approximately 0.17 percent or a 1-588 chance that Reid would be chosen randomly six separate times following only 11 games. 

Sporting News reports the 2019-2020 season just started on March 13, and it only took the league 12 days to issue Reid a new test. Now in a new year, it seems like Reid has chosen to laugh off the issue while continuing to highlight its absurdity.

Go high.

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