There is nothing worse than preparing for that spur of the moment business meeting or interview and finding nothing appropriate in your closet to wear. Many of us learn this lesson the hard way, which is why it's crucial to stay ready for anything. You might have an idea of what constitutes 'basic' business attire that seems a tad boring, but with a few essentials, you can create a dynamic group of staples that will allow you to add personal touches for a unique, professional wardrobe

Let's do a quick inventory, shall we?

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Basic black business suit

This is an absolute must – both pants and skirts. Black and grey are easy base colors to keep things neutral. If you're so inclined to add more color, do so with accessories or blouses, but try not to go overboard. With interviews and business meetings, you'll want to eliminate distractions as much as possible. Yes, those bold earrings and bright nail polish could very well be distractions!
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Here is where you can make things slightly more interesting with pretty accent collars and styles. Throwing a cardigan into the mix is a great way to get your pops of color while still maintaining the sleek finish

business 2
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This is by far the best part — it's where your inner Olivia Pope can shine!
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Shoes & accessories

A basic black pump and flats are absolute must-haves, no debate! Also, a briefcase and classic pearl earrings are so chic and easy to throw on without much thought. Also, please don't forget the clear or neutral-toned nail polish!
business 4
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Make sure to include these items in your wardrobe and you'll be looking biz-cas fab all the time!

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