When the woman who has now been deemed "BBQ Becky" decided to call the police on two black men trying to barbecue in an Oakland park, she likely had no idea that she would become the butt of the joke. She has since turned into one of the most hilarious memes to hit social media. 

The BBQ Becky memes are so irresistible, Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis made time to get a joke of her own off when she posted a meme featuring her How to Get Away with Murder character Annalise Keating in a scene set in a black hair salon. 

Don't make Annalise take her wig off!!! ••• ???????? Repost via @shondarhimes

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"Don't make Annalise take her wig off!!!" Auntie Viola jokingly wrote in her caption.

It seems white people have been enjoying calling the police on black people for anything, including having fun. Regardless, we continue to have fun with these memes because at the end of the day, laughing at the ignorance is just something we're all good at.