nullRandy is out. Say bye-bye to Nicki. Mariah take a hike. And that country dude, whatever his name is, get lost. They’ve all been fired from American Idol.

At least that’s according to The Wrap, The New York Daily News and other sources. 

Faced with declining ratings, which dropped this season overall by 25% from last season, and getting beaten by competitors such as NBC’s The Voice, Fox has decided to restart American Idol from scratch.

According to reports, the network has decided not to renew the contracts of all the judges at the show, including even Randy Jackson, who’s been with the show since the very beginning. 

On top of that Fox reportedly will also dump long time AI executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, with the aim of finding some replacement with fresh ideas to reinvigorate the show.

The only person who’s obviously safe and will stay on is Ryan Seacrest, who’s either Satan Incarnate (which I’ve always believed) or has some incriminating pictures of Fox executives.