Right after college, I knew that I wanted to leave my parents' home immediately. What young, know-it-all 20-something doesn't? My bank account was super dehydrated, so I settled for a couple of roommates to help relieve the financial burden. That lasted for a smooth year and a half until deciding to shack up with my longtime boyfriend, who later became my husband. After that came the kids. So no, I've always had live-in companions

everyone should live alone
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Although having people to come home to is great, the completely selfish side of me does wonder how I would have decorated (because with roommates we all had to come to a consensus) or utilized my time, because truth is, living with people can be distracting!

Here are 5 reasons why everyone should live solo at least once in early adulthood:

You get to see how independent you really are. 

After living under a guardian's roof for so long, you might think you have it all down pact. Even in your college years you have the option of a meal plan and room inspections to help keep you on track. When living alone, you get to see how well you prioritize your wants versus your needs, as well as how you manage bills. I think I almost fainted when my very first utility bill came

You're going to get hungry, this is a fact. Here is where you head to the kitchen and make it do what it do, hit the lottery and hire a private chef, call mom and tell her to hook you up, or go out to eat every night

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This is a huge one! You pay the bills, which means you can do whatever you like under your roof. No need to worry about walking on eggshells with housemates. You're the sole shot caller and get to pick and choose when you would like to have company or spend your time solo

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Here is the fun part I mentioned earlier. Who cares if you have tacky taste?! You get to merrily pick out all the decor and nobody can say a darn thing about it. This is your space to be true and be you. Besides, 'tacky' is subjective. Live a little!
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More focus

In your own space, you will naturally have more control over how you use your personal time. Desperately need to get things done? You would no longer have the distractions of roommates or uninvited company impeding on your space. You don't need to concoct an explanation for being the party pooper of the house. We are the sum of who we spend the most time with, so if your housemates are partying or inviting company over every day of the week, then you have a huge distraction on your hands. Give yourself the gift of solitude to get your life together. There's a time and place for everything, but at least you will have more control as to what goes on in your personal life and when you decide to entertain

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What seems to be the very best part of living solo would be to truly have your own place to call home. Ownership is really important to many people, and investing in your own safe, private space is one way to experience it. Doesn't it sound appealing to have an escape where you could have a "woo-sah" moment? This is a place away from friends, family, coworkers and the significant other that's driving you crazy. You can take a real time-out!
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Less of a headache

Everything falls on you – the bills, decor, housekeeping and entertaining. I've heard so many roommate horror stories with regards to cleanliness, not paying bills and more. Ain't nobody got time for that!
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