Eunique Jones Gibson is the epitome of black girl magic. Ever since she introduced us to the black excellence force that is Because of Them We Can in 2013, Gibson has expanded her brand in a way that makes sure the black community is always a priority. Through dope merchandise and video content, Gibson has been a pivotal participant in showcasing positive images within our culture and its rich history.

Now, Gibson is going even further and lending her hand to dreamers. Get familiar with Dream Village — a co-working space for dreamers that allows them to build a supportive community in both physical and virtual spaces. On Thursday, Gibson announced the upcoming launch on Instagram. 

#Repost from our founder, @euniquejg ❤️ ・・・ I don’t get excited much, but I am here. I’ve met thousands of people these last 5 years through my travels for @becauseofthem and I have found that while there is no shortage of people who are inspired to pursue their dreams, often times there is an absence of consistent support and resources. Not because it doesn’t exist, but because of access issues and/or because we’ve been in our individual silos – focused on building, figuring things out and simply surviving, that we haven’t done as much to recognize, leverage or cultivate the village around us. Or maybe that’s just me? Lord knows there have been times when I needed a village. Not just to help me but a village to check me and protect me. And so……..behind me is a curated space for US, to collaborate and connect in an environment that will help us build our dreams AND our village. It’s a big goal, but I am ambitiously optimistic (crazy or naive) enough to believe that the universe can use me (and a dope village of advisors) to create spaces and experiences that will bring back the village values that our community needs. And the very first one is opening next month right outside of DC in Hyattsville, MD. Instagram fam, meet my new baby: Dream Village. I hope you’ll join me cc @dreamvillagehq #dreamvillage #coworkingspace #community #dreamshustlevillage
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Excited about the new venture, we reached out to Gibson to learn more about the inspiration behind Dream Village, her hopes for its future and what advice she has for fellow dreamers. Gibson is clearly passionate about the concept of a village and its impact on people who want to make their dreams a reality and that very passion led her to create a safe space.

"The desire to see us all in a space, whether physical or virtual, where we are building together, leveraging information and resources and energy to get things done inspired Dream Village," said Gibson. "Hearing stories about 'the village' or how we used to look out for one another 'back in the day' from some of our elders inspired Dream Village. Realizing that we need the village now more than ever inspired Dream Village."

Throughout her travels promoting the Because of Them We Can brand, Gibson met fellow grinders and hustlers and it was then that she truly realized the need. "I started thinking, 'What if we had a space where we could build our dreams and at the same time, build our village?' Because if we connect and do well, our community will also do well," she mused.

Dream Village launches at the top of the year, so we wondered what kind of visions Gibson has for her dope new space. What is the future of Dream Village? Because we see big things happening.

"I hope Dream Village will provide a space where we can see a visual representation of our connection to one another and our ability to accomplish more, together. I believe that it will bring a network of people, resources and experiences that will help us grow and thrive individually and collectively. More than a co-working or shared working space. It’s about creating spaces where we can build and help one another launch ideas and dreams because we understand the impact our success can have on our community. And the plan is to have these all over," noted Gibson.

"But until then, we’ll ensure that our online community is just as strong and engaging as our physical spaces. I also see things like Sunday dinners at Dream Village, wellness experiences, chat and chews with influencers and trailblazers, book clubs, game nights (spades anyone?). Things that will help us reconnect to one another as well."

That sounds lit! And with Gibson's fortitude, we are more than positive that it shall be done. 

So, since Gibson is an innovator in creating a space for dreamers with Dream Village, what advice does she have for dreamers? 

"Dream big but don’t disregard or undervalue the small steps you can take each day to make those dreams a reality," she said. "Find like-minded people who can hold you accountable to what you say you want to be and/or do. People who will check you if they see you going in another direction or doing anything counterproductive." 

And yes, there is a special light surrounding people of color and Gibson certainly isn't shy about showcasing that.

"I think the great thing about people of color is we’re used to grinding, we’re used to hustling, we’re used to going above and beyond to make things happen. That’s necessary when it comes to trying to make your dreams a reality," said Gibson. "It takes grit. It takes determination and it takes resilience. Move forward knowing that it’s bigger than you. And if you ever feel like your dream isn’t possible, remember someone dreamt about YOU!" 

And with that MESSAGE, all we can add is an appropriate mic drop!

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Keep a look out. Dream Village opens in Hyattsville, Maryland in January 2018. For more information and updates about Dream Village, subscribe to the newsletter here.