Four Fast Facts To Know About National Voter Registration Day

Are you registered yet?

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| September 25 2018,

4:40 pm

September 25 is National Voter Registration Day, and community organizers nationwide are doing the work to ensure American citizens are able to utilize their greatest power; voting.

In other words, it's time to overthrow 45. 

Maybe not. But what it is time to do, is to make sure you, your mama and your cousin, too, are registered to vote. Election day is quickly approaching, and you do not want to be caught slipping on November 6.

Here are five fast facts you need to know about National Voter Registration Day: 

Founded in 2012, the holiday was inaugurated to celebrate our right, and our power. According to,  NVRD aims to bring awareness to many registration opportunities leading up to election day, and to reach thousands who otherwise may not have registered.

According to Forbes, 56 percent of young people are likely to vote this year. However, students face barriers which include inability to locate the nearest polling place in unfamiliar territory (if out of state), finding reliable transportation, and even barriers as simple as believing registering to vote is harder than it actually is. Nonprofits such as Young Invincibles and Alliance for Youth Organizing are hosting campus takeovers, in which organizers from each organization are visiting nearly 500 campuses to help register students.  

Approximately 125,000 individuals registered or were able to update their registration on NVRD last year. Over 1.6 million folks have been registered since its commencement six years ago. 

Hundreds of events have been organized to register folks. Click here to view a directory of organized events around the country. If you're already registered, head over to an event to volunteer your time and encourage your peers. Just enter your zip code to find events near you. 

Deadlines to register by state can be found at Spread the word on social media using #MidtermsOnMyTerms.

Ready to register now? You can do so here.