A high school senior from Fulton County, Georgia, went viral after sharing a photo revealing she had been accepted into 40 colleges. 

Westlake High School student Kayla E. Willis is another shining example of Black Excellence. The high achiever decided to share a photo on Sunday showing off a wall displaying the colleges in which the senior was accepted.

The list of approximately 31 colleges captivated Twitter. The tweet eventually gained over 148,000 likes and 32,000 retweets in a few days. 

"They're missing a few but I'm not going to complain or brag because I still have a lot underneath there," Kayla told 11 Alive News. 

At first, the graduating senior was unsure if she should post the photo, but after some stellar pep talk from her father, she decided to do it. She recalled her father saying, "'You need to show the world how great you are.'"

So, she did -- and the world showered her with praise. 

"I posted, turned off my phone, clocked into work and I just keep hearing a bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing," she said. "And I'm like, what is going on? Am I going viral right now?"

Kayla's success came from hard work, resilience and a dedication to academic excellence. She received an 1160 SAT score and earned a 3.95 GPA. 

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But getting into that many colleges was not an easy feat. Kayla found out she could make the process more efficient by asking colleges to waive application fees. Those colleges that gave her the go-ahead were the schools she applied to, reports Fox 8. In many cases, she only had to pay for postage.  

Top-rated schools such as Auburn University, Notre Dame, LSU, Alabama, Spelman and a host of others welcomed her with open arms. 

In addition to her 40 acceptance letters, Kayla has approximately $900,000 in scholarship money. She plans on attending historically Black college Fisk University on a full-ride scholarship. Kayla will pursue a degree in international business and Spanish.

According to 11 Alive, the senior applied to 50 colleges in total and is still awaiting more letters in the mail. "I wanted to inspire people and show them that you can actually dream big and get to where you want to go," she told 11 Alive.

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