The most simplistic, yet complex super power we all possess is the ability to create. It is the confirmation of thought. It’s the manifestation of curiosity. It’s the personification of spirit. And, most importantly, it is a world-changing tool used to translate our message to the masses. At its core, the ability to create is a God-gift. Meaning, under the belief that we’re all created in God’s image – being the intentional force that creates and connects everything in the universe – creation is an expression of God.

Taking inventory of tradition, while exploring the highlights and low points of history, creators are the root of wars and revolutions. They’re the source of inventions and innovations. They’re the artists and thought-leaders. They’re the builders and fixers. They’re the architects of society and the navigators of culture.

In an era of interdependence, brilliance is birthed out of collaboration. The thriving creative class is connecting ideas to create products, solutions, and sources of progressive intelligence. This youthful think-tank is fearlessly transforming business models and rewriting the rules. As technology continues its ever-evolving journey, the truth of our ability to create the World we want is becoming clearer than ever.

It is the responsibility of those who see clearly to enhance the sight of those that lack vision. The Creators Project empowers today’s generation of artists and storytellers to build freely, staying true to their point of view while challenging the status quo. Everyone is an artist. The culture is our canvas. We all have imaginations, ideas, passions and experiences. To preserve the future, we must nurture authentic creativity. Creators give life meaning, whether by sharing their own stories, or inspiring others to do the same. We each have the power to leave a timeless mark on the World.

Julian Mitchell is an award-winning content creator and digital strategist. He serves as Creative Director at Quantasy, while also contributing as Editor At-Large for REVOLT Media & TV. A Native of Las Vegas, Mitchell currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. Connect with him on Twitter @AllThingsMitch. sex toys de qualite en ligne acheter