As a pastor’s daughter, Anita Wilson was always destined to be the gospel sensation that she is. Her father was musical as well, so it was a part of her foundation. When she moved to Chicago and Donald Lawrence heard her sing live and she got to be a part of Donald Lawrence and Company, that’s when things took off. She’s an advocate of letting things happen naturally without force, and her career is something that naturally developed.

You can catch her on the McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour — along with other incredible artists — for a night of inspiration, good music and charity.

“It’s definitely cool to be among such great, powerful artists,” says Wilson, “We all flow and get along well.”

On this tour, the artists are able to partake in so many unique collaborations.

“I get to sing with Brian Courtney Wilson as well, singing with Donald Lawrence and being on here, it’s a full circle moment for me. They actually sang background on my upcoming album.”

She’s looked up to these artists and loves being able to work with them.

“That part is a blessing,” she says, “Not to mention being able to give back to the community.”

McDonald’s prides itself on being deeply rooted in the community, so to Wilson, it’s great to offer this free concert where people can be uplifted and inspired, but most importantly to benefit the Ronald McDonald House charities.

“We visited in Chicago and it’s heartbreaking to see what they go through. It can be hard to stay motivated in those situations, so this is the least we can do to help a little bit. I’m honored and grateful.”

Influenced by all genres, Wilson especially loves old soul from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Faith Evans, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.

“I’m a ‘90s girl, so that’s my favorite,” she says.

And outside of music, Wilson stays busy.

“I’m definitely a homebody — less is more for me. I’m always in airports and soundchecks, so I definitely make a point to catch up on quality time with my family. I try to carve out as much time as possible to hang with family and friends.”

Being able to unwind and decompress is valuable to her self-care routine, “Some people have so much energy,” she says, “But what makes me smile is being able to rest and spend quality time with family.”

In her downtime, she’s also listening to Prince, Black Messiah by D’Angelo and Sir the Baptist’s new album. She likes variety in her iTunes. Reading also helps her to unwind, and she’s currently checking out DJ Khaled’s book, The Keys.

And so far, the crowd is loving the positive energy of the tour. As far as what she’s getting the biggest reaction from so far, there are a few favorites, including “I’ve Seen Him Work,” her latest single.

“With that being said, everybody loves ‘Jesus Will.’” she says, “I appreciate that, the reaction is always really good. There’s so many highlights of this tour because everyone’s doing their thing. Everyone’s bringing it.”

Wilson recently released some songs from her upcoming album — five songs to be exact. But on July 14, Sunday Song will drop in its entirety. She’s planning release events in different cities like Chicago, D.C., Memphis, and more, and she’ll be planning lots of dates to move about the country and spread the word.

For her, being able to travel and connect with so many people is empowering.

“God has me in a place to stay empowered throughout the week,” she says, “Often on Sundays, you’re inspired after church. But during the week, you can feel weak. But God has me encouraging myself and everyone that we can have that empowerment all the time, especially now when we need it most. I’ll be moving around with live music and meet and greets, which I find to be a privilege to say hello to everyone. I love engaging on social media as well.”

Get out to the McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour to spend time with Anita and the other wonderful artists in the lineup! You won’t regret it.

Did we mention the tickets are free and available online? Just go here and click on the tour stop closest to you.

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