GQ Magazine has found itself in hot water thanks to its "Woman of the Year" cover featuring Serena Williams.

Every year, the magazine crowns several males as "Men of the Year" and features some of them on collectible covers. This year, actors Michael B. Jordan, Henry Golding and Jonah Hill along with the legendary Williams were cover stars.

Serena Williams is a woman, so the publication crossed out "men" and replaced the word with "woman." It appeared in quotation marks, and many took offense. 

Mick Rouse, a research manager at GQ, explained on Twitter that the magazine did not mean the quotation marks as a slight but that they were put there as a stylistic choice by superstar fashion designer Virgil Abloh.

As Rouse noted on Twitter, Abloh has collaborated closely with Williams; he even designed her U.S. Open outfit.

According to HuffPost, neither Serena nor Abloh have spoken out on the matter. Their silence was filled by those online defending Williams, with some noting both she and her sister Venus have had to struggle with misgendering throughout their illustrious careers.