Remember when Serena Williams graced us with a tennis tutu during her 2018 U.S. Open debut? How can you forget, right? 

Well, it's round two, and she's back, and this time, she's giving us some color. Lavender, to be exact.

Williams decided to stick with Virgil Abloh with this lavender number, which looked amazing on her skin tone. 

Similar to the black tutu she rocked after the French Open president banned her catsuit from future tournaments, tweets were talking. And folks loved what they saw.

And let's not forget the accessories because those fishnets were everything.

Serena's powerful presence, as always, served as an inspiration for the rest of us to get our lives together. 

Yes, she won again, defeating opponent Carina Witthoeft 6-2, 6-2, per the HuffPost. Like a bawse. 

In her third round at the Open, AOL reports she's set to serve against her sister, Venus Williams. We can't wait to see what fashionable look she cooks up next.