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10 Amazing Habesha Music Artists On The Come Up That You Need To Know Now

Eskista-ing across the internet.

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Since the rise of Amine, I dived into a new realm of Habesha singers whose music I really enjoy. Habeshas are out here making waves in the art and music realm, and it has been so refreshing! 

Here's a curated list of 10 Habesha music artists on the come up. Peep the list below and enjoy!

1. Soli Tesema is an Australian singer-songwriter. Watch her sing Beyonce's "Halo" on The Voice Australia.

2. Hunnah Wondmeneh is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Watch her wavy cover of "Teenage Fever."

3. Izzy Bizu is an English singer-songwriter signed to Epic Records. Watch the video for her latest single "Talking To You." 

4. Sweedish singer, Daggi Zegreatgives dreamy and ethereal vibes in "Sommar di December."

5. New York based singer Amain Berhane's new single, "Janet," is taking off. Peep the video below.

6. Based in Alberta, Canada, Ruth B gives us sultry R&B sounds.

7. Moël (Mewael Hadera) is an acoustic/folk singer-songwriter from Addis Ababa. Vibe out below.

8. Lydia Beyene gives us beautiful vocals on "My Love."

9. Lulu Be is making all the noise with "Rude Tings."

10. Toronto's Liza gives us smooth sounds on her EP, "February 29."

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