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Thanksgiving is easily one of the most iconic holidays in the U.S. and it means a lot of different things to many people. It’s important to identify the personal meaning this holiday has for you, but it’s also not a bad idea to look back through time and figure out what's been drawing so many people to Thanksgiving as a magical day.

Because there is definitely something very personal and individual to this holiday for many people, it’s interesting to think about how it’s affected the lives of everyone. I've found myself thinking about this more and more lately and have come to find out that my opinions might not be too different from those of many others, even though I thought so at first.

Going Back to the Origins

Thanksgiving started out as a good way to remember what we're grateful for, and that’s what the holiday was supposed to be for the most part. But some people have twisted it away from this idea over the years and turned into something completely different. But I think it’s important to look back through time and discuss where the holiday came from in the very beginning.

Being Together with Family

For many — myself included — Thanksgiving is mostly about being together and being thankful for the good things in life. Family is one of those things without doubt.  Thanksgiving largely revolves around the idea of getting together with your loved ones and sharing your experiences from the year. This is probably what I appreciate the most about this holiday, and it’s something that’s made it a fantastic time of the year for me every time it’s rolled around.

It Can’t Hurt to Have Some Fun, Too

Of course there’s always the fun side of Thanksgiving as well. It can’t hurt to spend some time talking about the more fun things in life, eating some good food and enjoying some of your favorite TV shows and movies together. It’s actually the perfect time of the year for that, and I’d say it helps bring me together with the rest of my family more than other traditional holidays! Of course some may disagree, but this is how I feel about Thanksgiving.

I think I’ll be able to continue appreciating Thanksgiving for all it offers for a long time to come. This is one of the most important holidays of the year, not just because of the good meals and enjoying a good day off, but also for getting in touch with family members that I haven’t heard from in a while and making sure that everyone is still on the same page. To that end, this is probably the best day of the year for me.