Over 90,000 people in the U.S. are part of the elite centenarian club. Making it over 100 years old is no small feat. The number of people joining the “Century Club” has nearly doubled within the last 20 years.

Pinkie Cooper is the latest club member with the recent celebration of her 100th birthday. While she may have experienced the world and all its changes within the last century, she doesn’t look like she has.

Cooper spoke with ABC-13 about the secret to a long life and looking half your age. She revealed her diet consists of “oatmeal” and “vegetables.” And she has always chosen to stay away from smoking. However, she does sometimes indulge in an adult beverage from time to time.

“What do you drink?” asked Melanie Lawson of ABC-13. “Whiskey,” Cooper replied.

With a laugh, she admitted that the drink is more for pleasure but is not the ultimate secret to longevity.

She also mentioned some more of her favorite vices, including gambling, cheering for the Houston Astros and rocking a classic red lipstick.

“I love lipstick. I wear it every day, and I like the red lipstick, too,” she said.

Cooper also said she loves using her cell phone and iPad, especially for communication with family and friends.

“I think they’re great because you can talk to people, you know, far away,” she said. “Plus you can see them right … on the cell phone. I think it’s great!”

Cooper is the last of 32 children, and is a mother to 15 of her own children; nine are still living. She has more than 20 grandchildren and at least 30 great-grandchildren.

She also keeps up with everyone via Facebook, which she thinks “helps” her mind.

Living for over 100 years has allowed Cooper to see the world change in many ways. Technology, civil rights, employment opportunities and so much more have transitioned by leaps and bounds since she was born.

While some of the details of her life may be hazy, Cooper told the outlet one moment she clearly remembers is voting for Barack Obama. She recalled her feelings about seeing the first Black president take office.

“I was just wishing a lot of my siblings could have seen this and been here to see it too,” she said about the historic moment.

Cooper’s birthday party was full of family and friends celebrating the woman who has experienced many stages of life.

While some would think the secret to living this long includes a rigorous wellness routine or medicine, Cooper disclosed what she believes worked for her.

She said that family and faith are crucial factors that have helped her live such a long life.”