Am I allowed to think for myself as a black millennial, have ideas outside of the status quo of black thought and not be criticized for my opinion, while also maintaining my "blackness"?

What sparked this amazing idea/opinion was a post published by a Facebook friend about maybe a week or so ago. It said:

"Light skinned people/mixed people can’t be victims of colorism!"

She posted something that ran along the lines of black people who are of the lighter hue get better treatment or don't have to deal with the same stipulations that those of a darker hue have to endure (don't quote me, I am merely summarizing).

I had to read the post once, twice and a third time to really understand what she was saying. Immediately, I felt angry. Like, how could she say that? I immediately started rambling off experiences and ideas, history and world events that negated what she posted.

But, then something clicked.

Without really internalizing what she wrote, I immediately went into defense mode — and I'm not even light skinned! When I actually stopped to think about what she said, I realized that she had a valid point. Of course she did receive a lot of backlash for the comment. She appeared among the masses to have lost her blackness, another Kanye.

Granted, there is a slew of history that suggests otherwise, but let's take the black power blinders off for one second and analyze what she actually wrote. There is a problem concerning color and how it is viewed among the masses. There is a stigma that the lighter you are, the better you are treated. And in some spaces, this is true. She was in no way saying that African Americans who have a lighter complexion are excluded from racial bias, but are more accepted in social spaces than their darker counterpart.

Usually, I refrain from intellectual conversations that involve politics and religion. Lately, I have added race to that conversation because I feel one wrong opinion is going to lead you straight to the burning pits.

I'm probably going to have a lot of people tell me otherwise, but is it really wrong to have an opinion that is outside of your normal black thought?