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On December 31, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) altered our lives and our freedom with the alert of a Pneumonia like virus that ripped thru Wuhan, China, known as COVID-19. Over 251K people, as of  May 4, 2020, have lost their lives worldwide due to the virus. Amongst that number, nearly 69,000 of those death cases were in the United States. Trump's reckless decision to disband the Pandemic Response Team has played a major part in the effects we are seeing with COVID-19 in the USA.

It feels as though the lack of preparation is one of the main reasons we are being hit so hard with the virus. From nurses in garbage bags due to lack of supplies and makeshift morgues being created due to the rising number of deaths, it's almost as if we are in a real life horror movie. Who is to blame at this point? Social distancing has become the new normal, yet people still put themselves at risk by not using appropriate protection measures.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the nation's voice for coronavirus. He has put out a warning to all stating that we should expect around 100-200K people dying of COVID-19 in the United States if treatments do not work. It seems as though these are easy guidelines to grasp, but yet we are still seeing too many people lost due to COVID-19.

In light of it all, Hidden Beach Recording Artist, Gene Noble released a timely track and heartfelt music video entitled, "Too Many Lost." The video captured what we all have been feeling but may not have been able to express in words. It gives you visuals of the events transpiring around corona and loads your mind full of real statistics that we may or may not have caught on the news. Besides the catchy harmony of the song, the lyrics themselves are a cry for the help, answers and results we all wish to see. We would all like to see more testing alternatives, timely news updates and effective preventive measures that protect all people including essential workers.

Gene is blessing our timelines with a powerful video inspired by these trying times we’re facing around the world as a result of COVID-19. He pays tribute to his mentor, Bishop David Gates, who passed not due to the coronavirus. With the announcement of his first debut as a signed artist, he felt it was necessary to show gratitude to Gates in lieu of his untimely passing. The video is meant to bring awareness and give thanks to all people during this time. That includes the frontline and essential workers that are constantly risking their lives to help people survive and fight the good fight. The R&B artist's father was killed in the line of duty while serving his country, So for Gene, it hits home differently when it comes to people losing their lives and putting it all on the line.

It’s fitting that this project was written to call out the nation’s injustices and the overwhelming loss of people due to lack of resources on the behalf of this country. The music video was shot on the empty streets of Atlanta, Georgia, during the quarantine. It was captured directly from Gene’s iPhone. The purpose is to bring awareness to Black and brown communities during the pandemic. Gene highlights the issue of lack of resources and preparation as the cause of what's killing people Black people in improvised communities throughout the USA.

With lyrics like, "I got to switch up real quick or I won't survive," it not only resonates to the times we are living in, but parallels Gene's experience as a Black man in today's society.

Finding a way to express ourselves during these times is quite hard, but Gene captured it the right way for the entire culture.