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Why I Don't Want Oprah To Be President In 2020

Oprah for President? I think not.

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Oprah stole the show on Sunday when she became the first black woman to receive the Cecil B. Demille award.

In her powerful acceptance speech, she dropped a ton of gems that inspired us to reflect on our role in the world and what we can do to make it better. Her speech was so inspiring that it even led to the creation of the hashtag #Oprah2020, which immediately resurfaced rumors about Oprah running for President. However, in thinking about this possibility, one line from her speech sticks out to me when I think about Oprah running for President. "What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool that we have."

So here is my truth: I do not want Oprah to run for President in 2020. 

The call to action for Oprah to run for President is real. How real you ask? Ya'll even went and asked her man if she'd do it. 

As if that wasn't enough, now y'all asking the sister circle. 

As a fellow Tennessee State University alum, I know Oprah can do all things. I also know that all things Oprah shouldn't do. Oprah has changed the way young African girls see the world by building schools and making them her own daughters. She took her money and funded a network that is geared solely towards advancing the voice of black men and women through shows directed by us and for us. She has played us in roles reminding us not to back down and or be beaten. She's been the creator and portrayer of powerful roles for women of color and helped to amplify issues impacting people of color.

But her next role should not be one that is limited by the U.S. constitution, white privilege and the office of the presidency. 

Being President means Oprah has to play by the rules even if Trump doesn't. As much as we would love to think becoming President would absolve her from the rules too, white America will refuse and make four years a living hell for her. Who would want to put sis through that? Her reach becomes limited to the very walls America would box her in.

Then there's the issue of her coin. Oprah is worth roughly $2.8 billion. That money and those partnerships now have to go through a conflict of interest test and possible divestments. Who wants her to give up a penny to save a country that could've saved itself (white women I'm looking at you)??? She earned every coin by giving us something to watch and learn from and she shouldn't have to be subjected to diminishing her financial gain to help America. 

Bigger than all of these things lies this, I don't want Oprah to be America's clean up woman because thats not her ministry. One thing Oprah has taught us all is that we should play our strengths and stick to our ministries. Her ministry is television. Her strength is empowering generations of black people to see themselves living their best lives and then encouraging them to do what it takes to live that best life.

Let that be done from a screen and not the oval.

I want the best life for sis and her man, a life that she deserves and not one y'all determined should be a right fit.

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