Despite Bishop Michael Curry's sermon on the power of love, it wasn't all love for everyone attending the royal wedding.

Haters came out with full force to drag the Gucci outfit Sabrina Dhowre, Elba's fiancée, chose to wear to the royal wedding.

Her outfit was all wrong and the bag didn't help . ????‍♀️— Dhahabu (@dhahabu) May 19, 2018

Someone said she came dressed like a Gucci sandal ????????????????????— Christian M.® (@Metallick) May 19, 2018

Glad I’m not the only one who thought this wasn’t an appropriate outfit for a wedding, especially one of this magnitude. Reservation is required.— Saint-Matisse Dior (@sainteflaurent) May 19, 2018

Pretty with an atrocious sense of style. *yawn* next!— theloquaciousone (@lesegokgaladi) May 19, 2018

One of the British reporters said “yea Gucci Gucci Gucci we get it.”???? outfit shoes and bag (not clutch)— Natalie LB (@law4mentalhlth) May 19, 2018

But ever the gentleman, Elba went high while the internet was going low. He didn't respond to Dhowre's critics with cutting clapbacks; instead he chose to post an adorable Instagram photo:

Elba captioned the post with a transcript of their pre-wedding conversation, proving they were unbothered and in love. 

"Sabbi: How do I look?
Me: You look beautiful Sabbi!! Lets go see Harry and Meghan get married and make history.
Sabbi: Boom????????. Me:???????? @sabrinadhowre I love you," Elba captioned the post. He finished it off with, "@!@@ the haters..#Happiness."

Just like a cheeky Brit! 

First of all, "Sabbi" as a nickname is peak adorable! Second of all, no matter what the internet says, all that matters is Elba certainly thought her look was simply beautiful. 

Elba and Dhowre are quite the cute couple on social media. Elba has gone as far as stating his baby has his back even when he has bubble guts. So, naturally, he has hers. 

And this isn't the first time Elba has proven he's willing to publicly gas up his boo. Not long ago, he gave her the spotlight at his own movie premiere when he proposed to her onstage

Photo: GIPHY