Insecure fans were set up for disappointment after a fake poster for a spinoff show called Confident resurfaced and went viral, again, on Twitter. Using a photo of the Insecure creator and star Issa Rae, the poster grabbed people in with its realistic artwork, making some almost miss the "Feb. 30" premiere date. More than a few people aired out their frustration with some hilarious tweets. 

A Twitter user who goes by the name Headgraphix took credit for the photo and also apologized in the same breath. 

"I got y’all so good Issa even had to step in. Will never play with y’all like that again," he wrote

Reality came crashing down quickly when people realized the promotional photo was a fraud.

Many fans' hopes were suddenly crushed again after finally saying goodbye to the popular show after five seasons on Dec. 26. The series first premiered in 2016. 

For some who couldn't figure out the joke from the title, the date was a big giveaway. 

Y’all so raggedy for this my heart literally fell into my chest thinking it was real ????

— LovelyChristii #Naturebae (@ChristyNaturBae) January 19, 2022

Unfortunately for fans, a spinoff is out of the cards. Rae previously told Tamron Hall prior to the season five premiere that she has no interest in continuing the storyline, despite a huge interest. 

"I always say, if you see an Insecure movie, it means I'm down bad. It means I'm not doing well in life," she said on Hall's talk show, per Newsweek. "I don't want to do a movie. …You know, it's a finite story. And I just don't want to see an Insecure movie unless I'm doing badly."