I'm sure by now most of you know that on the last episode of AMC's hit series, The Walking Dead, our man T-Dog (played by IronE Singleton) was essentially zombie lunch.

We've heard what the show's creator and producer have had to say about T-Dog's exit (that his was a heroic death); but what about the actor who played the part – IronE Singleton?

Speaking with the press, Singleton talked about his character's death, how he feels about it, getting the dreaded phone call from his bosses that his character would be killed off and what that moment was like, and whether we just might see T-Dog again in a future episode, whether alive, or as one of the walking dead – although it looked like the zombies feasted on him, so much that him returning in any form is unlikely.

But here's Singleton in his own words: 

"I am totally and completely satisfied with how the show ran. I think that the show was a success of a brilliant team of individuals, everybody coming together doing their part. … It's not my call to really say that I wanted more or less or anything like that. I'm just so pleased to have been part of something so special, so historical… I had no idea I was going to go out so heroically, at the beginning, because when I was first cast in the show I was told that I would do two, maybe three episodes. But I ended up staying on the show for three seasons. So how miraculous is that? So I'm very thankful for that… And when I get the phone call, the death call, I call it … They told me I was going to die and I was looking forward to reading the script. When I read it I was thankful that he would go out heroically. So it made me feel really appreciated… I think it was very liberating, because as an actor you start with a clean slate and there's nothing more liberating about starting with something that is not written. So you pretty much create the history of that character; you create that character's rigor, meaning that character's life story… So whatever you do, whatever you come up with, whatever you decide on, we can go with it, and if the director or if the execs like it, then you'll stick with it. So that's a good thing, as opposed to having something that's already written, that's paired down with who your character is. Then you're kind of sticking in a sense, to a certain extent."

As he states, the character wasn't drawn from the original comic books; he was created specifically for the TV series. Makes you wonder doesn't it? Why not just go with an existing character from the comics, instead of creating one? 

Singleton also joked about the possibility of his character returning in the future, stating his desire to have had a confrontation with Merle:

"… maybe Merle can have that encounter with T-Dog's zombie. You just never know, and that would've been special."

Maybe, but unlikely. A significant portion of him is sitting inside the stomachs of a couple of zombies.

So what's next for IronE? He didn't say. Although his IMDB page shows that he co-stars in a 2013 mystery movie titled A Box For Rob.