nullWhether Jada Pinkett Smith will return to reprise her role as Fish Mooney in Fox’s hit DC comics, pre-Batman universe series, "Gotham," is still very much a mystery, given how last night’s season finale ended, and Jada previously saying, in an interview, that, when she joined the series, she signed up for just 1 season.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter following the finale episode, she didn’t say much to lead us in one direction or the other, which shouldn’t be a surprise. But I will say that it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if she did indeed return for season 2, given season 1’s uncertain ending, and just how popular the character she plays became as the season progressed. I enjoy the show, and I’d still watch it even if she left; but, I will also say that, with her on the show, it’s more exciting.

So what did she tell The Hollywood Reporter?

Of whether she will return: "I don’t think any of us had any idea that Fish Mooney would take on the life she took on… You never know. We’ll see what happens," she said with a laugh.

One could argue that the fact that she didn’t say she would not, is a confirmation that she will return. But we’ll see. She did say, however, she’d "absolutely" be interested in returning to Fish Mooney if it were for a Batman movie! There aren’t any Batman movies on the horizon (except for the upcoming "Superman vs Batman" film which comes out in March of 2016. But I’m sure it’s a character that DC and WB will revisit in the future.

And maybe more interesting – something she did say she’d love to do if offered: "I was so excited when I heard that he [husband Will Smith] was playing Deadshot [in WB’s "Suicide Squad"); he’s always been one of my favorite characters, but Vixen was definitely one of my favorite characters in the Suicide Squad comic."

Worth noting that The CW is developing an animated series origin story centered on Vixen coming this fall. It will be set in the same universe of sibling CW series "Arrow" and "The Flash." The character is also expected to make live-action appearance on "The Flash" and/or "Arrow" as well. 

And finally, regarding her return to acting, she said: "Fish Mooney really inspired me to want to act again… For a minute there, I really didn’t know. I wasn’t inspired by the roles that were available for women in general, and then Fish Mooney came along."

She went on to praise the growth in the volume and variety of roles for women on TV, adding that she’d "absolutely" do more television, but only if she fins a character that "makes me want to go to work everyday."

Read the full THR piece here.