Jasmine Mans & Rudy Francisco's Blck Folk Tour brings to light the black poet’s journey

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| November 22 2016,

3:58 pm

Today, on November 22, two of our most beloved black American poets, Jasmine Mans and Rudy Francisco, perform their last show in London, England produced by poet and curator LionHeart. Performing at Universities in both London and Birmingham, these two poets have begun bridging the gap between our most beloved US and UK poets.

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You might remember Jasmine Mans from her poem “Footnotes for Kanye,” released last year, where Mans makes both dynamic and controversial remarks on Kanye West using many of his own lyrics.

“Can you hear all the black kids calling your name wondering why the boy who rapped about his momma getting arrested for the sit-ins didn't sit-in--- why he traded in his Nat Turner for Ralph Lauren.”


We know and love Rudy Francisco as one of the most beloved storytellers of our time for his ability to be transparent in language and masculinity.

“Masculinity is a wet fish that most men are just trying to hold onto”


Keep up with Rudy on social media at @RudyFrancisco and check out his poem “Adrenaline Rush” below.

Heralded as one of the most passionate poetry performers of his generation, LionHeart is a London-based spoken word artist. Co-founder of topical debate night Subjectivity UK, LionHeart is also the producer and curator of the Blck Folk Tour, featuring Jasmine Mans and Rudy Francisco, as well the Extended Play Tour featuring Savon Bartley.

"Everyone has a voice, but not everyone is aware they are regurgitating a puppeteered perception."


To find out more about LionHeart, follow him on social media @LionHeartfelt and check out his poem "Pretty Hurts" below.

Known for his visual content and lyrical ability, Savon Bartley is a black American poet who will be performing the last show of his three-week-long UK Tour, Extended Play, tonight alongside Jasmine Mans and Rudy Francisco at Stereo 92.

“Bullets are a joke all the black boys are laughing so hard they can't breathe”


Follow Savon on social media @SavonBartley and check out his poem "PB&J" below.

Together Jasmine Mans and Rudy Francisco have initiated the Blck Folk Tour. With the support of Savon Bartley, Assumpta, Just Jumi, and Jolade, these poets have performed three sold out UK performances.

This tour is to bring to light the black poet’s constant journey to the story and true identity. They showcase the journey of being black poets and all of its beauties and burdens. They understand their blackness as a cherished part of their identity and poetry. They seek to be forthright in their identity at a time when some groups tell us to be ashamed.

The black narrative is something often distorted in the media and in literature, so these poets take their jobs in seriousness and great honor. In 50 years when we reflect on the canon of our black literature, Jasmine and Rudy will be two of our most beloved artists.

@PoetJasmineMans is also known for her writing as a queer black woman, reflected in her most cherished poem “Dear Ex-Lover.” Jasmine’s poetry has teeth. Many would say she speaks with both passion and agitation. Mans just released her newest poetry video "FIRE."

To see what a phenomenal journey this tour has been follow the hashtag #BLCKFOLK on social media!


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