The Jordan Edwards story is a sad one.

A young man shot in the head by a policeman, his brothers watching his brains cover the inside of their car.

Justice seems to be moving swiftly — we’ve told you that so far the officer who shot him has been fired, was arrested, and that the Department of Justice is now looking into the case as well. 

That brings some solace, but a simple righting of a wrong doesn’t make anyone happy.

What does is humanity in the face of tragedy.

And the New York Daily News reports that some of your favorite athletes have quietly rallied behind the Edwards family in their time of grief.

Kevon Edwards turned 17 the day after he and his family laid Jordan to rest. Imagine trying to have a birthday celebration the day after you bury your baby brother. You can’t. Nothing could put a smile on your face.

Or so you’d think, until your phone rings, and on the other end is Kobe Bryant, one of your favorite basketball players. 

That’s exactly what happened to Kevon. Kobe talked to him for a long time, comforting him, encouraging him and finally, telling him to keep an eye on the mail.

Kevon did, and found a package waiting. Opening it, he found a signed 24 jersey, and two fresh pairs of Nikes.

Not as good as spending your birthday with your brother by any stretch of the imagination, but at the very least, the touching gesture made Kevon happy again for a few moments.

“When he got this stuff in the mail from Kobe Bryant, Kevon was bouncing off the walls with excitement,” Lee Merritt, the Edwards’ lawyer, told the News.

And Kobe was just the beginning.

Thoughtful athlete Colin Kaepernick also gave the Edwards family a call, as did the Warriors’ Andre Iguodala, who went so far as to invite the family to one of the team’s playoff games.

Golden State’s coach, Steve Kerr, also called to give his support, telling the family that he lost his father to gun violence, and that he has felt — and still feels — what they are currently feeling.

We hope that these gestures, and the knowledge that they are in the thoughts and prayers of thousands of other Americans, helps to give the Edwards family some measure of solace as they wrestle with their loss.