Judge Rules That Cops Were Justified In Handcuffing 16-Year-Old Kimani Gray As He Laid Dying In The Street

Kimani Gray died in a hail of police bullets in 2013.

Photo credit:NY Daily News

| February 14 2018,

2:58 pm

A Brooklyn judge has ruled in favor of the police in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Kimani Gray. Gray, 16, was shot and killed by police in 2013, and the judge's ruling states the officers were justified in arresting and handcuffing him as he lay dying on the street. 

The judge’s ruling Monday doesn’t spell the end of the Grays’ case against the city and officers, the family’s lawyers told The NY Daily News.  The claims over the cops’ unreasonable use of deadly force, which led to Gray being shot seven times as well as inflicting further pain and suffering by handcuffing him as he lay wounded and screaming on an East Flatbush street, are still going to trial, the attorneys said.

The jurist said in her ruling that she had to weigh the Gray family’s claim that the teen was unarmed against the claims of city lawyers, who say Gray pointed a firearm at cops, according to The Daily News. However, eye witness accounts say that the teen had his hands up and didn't point a firearm at the cops. 

In 2013, a woman who lived across the street from the shooting scene recalled the incident saying that after the shots were fired, she saw two men, whom she believed to be plainclothes officers, standing over Mr. Gray, who was on the sidewalk clutching his stomach.

“He said, ‘Please don’t let me die,’” said the woman, according to the NY Times. One of the officers, she said, replied: “Stay down, or we’ll shoot you again.” 

We can only hope that some type of justice is brought to the family of Kimani Gray.