R&B singer K. Michelle crashed a country music event in Nashville, Tennessee, over the weekend, telling fans at the venue that she's the next "Taylor Swift."

Perhaps she wants in on the Yee Haw movement?

K. Michelle was reportedly attending Nashville's "Nash Edition," when she surprised host Tyler Rayn during one of his sets. Video footage of the 34-year-old walking onto the stage and grabbing the mic before launching into a rant has gone viral on social media.

"Hello, Nashville. My name is K. Michelle,” she said to the crowd. “I have three No. 1 albums on Billboard. You can pull out your Google right now as we speak, no lie." 

The singer then bragged that she just sat down with country star Chris Stapleton — and she encouraged the audience to look him up, as well.

"I am a Black girl. And guess what? I'm a Black girl who sings better than any white motherf**ker country singer in Nashville right now."

"I have a ton of your favorite people behind me," she continued. "So when I say I am the next motherf**king Taylor Swift, it’s not a motherf**king joke.”

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“I’m Black as s**t ,and I listen to City Girls, and I curse motherf**kers out.”

In a now-deleted Instagram post, K. Michelle provided more context to the video. For one, she noted that she wasn't invited to the event, but she came anyway. 

"I walked right up there and had a public service announcement that: Nashville ‘I AM HERE’ you can’t keep telling me I can’t sing your music but the truth is it’s MINE. It’s ours. We bleed the same blood," she captioned her post.

"Let’s make some magical music regardless of how we loook [sic]. We can all exist together.”

Discussions about segregation in country music have become widespread these days since Lil Nas X’s remix of his viral country-(t)rap hit “Old Town Road” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, just weeks after Billboard removed the original version from its Hot Country Songs chart.

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